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Intersection of Life and Faith

Your faith can grow if you trust that God sees the problem AND the solution.

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Repeat this several times while considering this thought: We can let troubles in or let them out. But he gives us the free will to control whether we let the troubles in our hearts or put on the armor of faith to keep them out. Back to my van example.

Billy Graham Daily Devotion: Heart Trouble

I would have lost sleep and peace because I would have unknowingly given anxiety the green light to come into my heart. Since God has grown my faith, I turned to him immediately when I heard the bad news, and he built a fence of protection around my heart because I trusted him for the solution. Every time the trouble came back up since the van was in the repair shop three different times , I kept turning to God instead of welcoming the problem into my heart. I refused to LET the problem enter my most vulnerable place.

I let God have control there, and his peace carried me through.

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He will do the same for you in your current trial, if you refuse to let your problems into your heart. The more I studied his Word, the more I learned to trust him. I learned about his strength, protection, majesty, all-sufficiency, and master plan, among other wonderful things. There is no better way to replace your troubles with peace than getting to know the God who loves you. The very best way to do that is to study his Word, one day at a time.

I encourage you to turn to God as soon as the next trouble arrives in your life. Do not let it in by trusting God to help you overcome it. Draw close to him in Bible study and prayer, meeting with him every day for a fresh anointing of his perfect peace. He will teach you how to quiet your troubled heart by trusting him more. Lord Jesus, I praise you for offering perfect peace to me.

I confess that I often allow problems into my heart rather than trusting you for solutions. Forgive me for my lack of trust in you. Today, I ask you to guard my heart with your perfect peace in my current troubles. Help me to meet with you daily so I can learn to trust you more. If this devotion has blessed you, would you please consider sharing it or leaving a comment below?

Don't Let Your Hearts Be Troubled - Crosswalk the Devotional - November 21

Thanks for the reminder that God already knows what coming in my life before I do, and has already provided a means to solve that problem! The lake is deep, the shore is distant, and your boat is filling fast. What you need is a bucket to bail the water out — or do you? A bucket will only do so much. Sooner or later the water will come in faster than you can bail it out. You realize that if you want to stay afloat, you need to fix the hole in your boat.

We need to fix the problem at its source—and only Jesus can do that.

God Sees Your Heart - Parach Daily Devotional - Prophet Shepherd Bushiri - 04/07/2019

The peace as well as the guidance and help He offers will keep us afloat. God is faithful. Even in times when the water level is climbing and trouble seems like it will overcome us, we can hold onto our faith and reach out to Jesus for peace.

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