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Another description offers up a much more haunting mental picture:. The race of jinn is filled with different types of demons and spirits, each with its own place in the pandemonium.

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There are shaitan a proposed inspiration for Satan , nasnas, ghuls the origin of modern day ghouls, just as far removed from the original as genies are from jinn , ifrit and marid. Marid jinn are usually the ones we find imprisoned in bottles. Sadly, the race of jinn eventually made the big guy upstairs mad, causing them to lose their great civilization and scatter to the wind. Since then, jinn only appear when they want to mess with humans.

The first few centuries around the Mediterranean were exciting times. The Romans were doing quite well, conquering lands and being all prosperous with their massive amounts of wealth. Some of the land they nabbed includes parts of modern day Syria.

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Here, the people of the city of Palmyra had a slightly different interpretation of the jinn legend. A Palmyran gny sometimes jny or ginnaya was a guardian angel of sorts, watching over people, homes and families to make sure everything was a-ok.

Etymology and definitions

The Latin word genii refers to these benevolent attending spirits, not their sinister cousins. The singular form of genii is genius, which is certainly a familiar word to all the lovely folks reading this article. Back in the day, people who were intelligent, creative and talented attributed those qualities to their genius, their guardian spirit. And everything has worked out just fine for the human race since! Fast forward to the 18th century and things get really interesting.

By this point, the Roman Empire has long since split up sad face and Latin has broken into a handful of different languages. Modern English still carries those fragments in words like generate and genial. Galland was the first to translate the collection for a European audience, rendering the French version in Two thousand years earlier he would have been spot-on.

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  6. Subsequent translations had an easy time pulling off that accent mark for other European languages, so the translation stuck. Jinni was now genie. This new marriage united two words separated by several thousand years of history.

    Below are the different tribes descended from the Rabiah Djinn. The Aku Djinn were fierce and flesh-hungry, but nonetheless used by the people of Zhalfir as protectors of the city-tomb Aku. Although the flavor text of the card could be interpreted otherwise; the Aku Djinn never joined Kaervek and were in fact instrumental to his defeat.

    The Erhnam Djinn are typically found prowling in forested areas, hunting lesser beings for amusement. Their love of the hunt is so great that they often use their own magic to make their prey better able to flee through the forests and therefore provide more of a challenge for the djinn. Their fondness of doing this often causes problems for a mage controlling an Erhnam Djinn, as the creatures it has empowered can use their newfound skills to attack the djinn's master.

    The Origin of the Genie in the Lamp

    This often provides extra amusement for the djinn, who find entertainment in the suffering of people claiming to be its superior. A few Erhnam Djinns somehow made it to Otaria. They can only be subdued with great difficulty and often rebel against their masters, inflicting great damage on the Sahir that attempts to control them.

    The Serendib Djinn are the most powerful of the Rabian djinn. They are immensely strong and are closely related to the Serendib Efreets, but also cursed and exceedingly difficult to control. Although their most imposing quality is their strength as heavy elementals of air, the Serendib Djinn are also extremely intelligent and have the ability to grant wishes.

    The benevolent djann are not necessarily constant friends of mankind, but they embrace light more than any other djinn. Djann are the eternal enemies of the efreets, nekrataals, and ghouls, and traditionally have defended those they find pure. Since they often visit desert oases, they were the first to come into contact with humans. Caravan traders respect these powerful spirits, who can hide or reveal oases to those they deem worthy or unworthy.

    Djann often appear as white camels or soldiers, disappearing occasionally into sand cyclones. They tend to stay out of cities and roam the deserts, which brings them into conflict with the other desert-dwelling tribe, the ghoul. Also known as ghul, the ghouls are the lowest order of djinn. They live in deserts, wastes, and shadowy areas of the Rabian cities. They draw power off the dead. Despite being very intelligent, they are driven by instincts and act like wild animals when seeking food.

    Ghouls are highly superstitious and consider hospitality very important. Those ghouls offered salt will refuse to harm the giver and his household. Ghouls disguise themselves regularly as pilgrims or travelers, and attack their hosts if not shown the proper hospitality. Ghouls prey upon individuals and small groups, attacking them openly. Fights between ghouls are common over the victim, and they will also seek out graves and eat the corpses when no other food presents itself.

    Powerful ghouls can shapeshift into vultures and follow lower ghouls to battlefields and dying travelers. Because they prey on those who cross the great sands of Rabiah, the ghouls are arch-enemies of the djann. In the Arabian Nights expansion Wizards of the Coast used the term "Ghoul" like it is used in Arabian tradition, but after that set they have been using "Ghoul" like it is used in the western tradition. While in Arabian tradition a ghoul is indeed a wandering spirit, in the West the term is largely synonymous with Zombie.


    The marids are the oldest tribe of djinn and the most respected. Although they are isolated and few in number, these spirits are the most powerful of the djinn tribes. There is a legend that one of the marid was the first djinn of Rabiah and that all others came from him. Masters of weather, wind, and water, the marids tend to live near the coast and travel in great waterspouts.

    Most of the marids have left the mortal plane, choosing to abstain from the holy war between the rival djinn tribes. A djinn must be bound into a magical object such as a ring, lamp, cauldron or bottle, and must be weaker than its master. A djinn will seize any opportunity to attack the Sahir if it senses that it has an advantage. Also, some djinn are so powerful that they are able to break free after a certain number of days in slavery. They are highly intelligent and will remember the masters that treated them kindly and those that did otherwise.

    Much of the narrative thus comes from those who promote good luck, who are attempting to combat those who promote bad luck. The djinn power that all djinn possess is directly linked to their own lifelines, fueled by fire. Every wish that is granted costs the djinn a portion of their lifeforce and shortens their lifespan. The energy that is lost cannot be regained and the older a djinn is, the more force is drained from them. Because of their connection with fire, djinn are immune to it and can not be burnt or killed by it. The exact limits of djinn power vary with age and experience, but what all djinn have in common is that when they use their power they must picture and think about what exactly they will use their power for, be it making an object appear and disappear or granting a wish.

    Djinn power has limits, as djinn cannot bring back anything from the dead.

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    Djinn power cannot affect the flow of time, cannot create copies of themselves, generally cannot undo the spells of another djinn, and cannot create gems. When a mundane non-djinn releases a djinn the Djinn will grant the mundane three wishes. Djinn can live forever as they are immortal, although most of them choose to live only up to years, however they can still be killed. Djinn do not actually start aging until their wisdom teeth are taken out.

    djinn - Dictionary Definition :

    Time is different inside the bottle, to a djinn an hour in a bottle is similar to ten hours outside the bottle, unless they've entered the bottle incorrectly, in which case the oppose effect happens. Djinn have the ability to turn into smoke when they enter or exit a container, called transubstantiation. Space in a bottle to a djinn is very much like a room in a house for which they still retain djinn power and are able to make their stay comfortable for themselves. Djinn power allows djinn to have an astral body, that allows them to enter other people's dreams and gives them access to possess people.

    Djinn have the power of shape-shifting and can change into any animal or object they choose, for a limited time, except for their tribe's special animal. While in animal or object form, the djinn still retain their thoughts and 5 senses granting them a form of telepathy to communicate to other djinn while in an animal or object guise.