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To ask other readers questions about Gangbang at the Frat House , please sign up. Be the first to ask a question about Gangbang at the Frat House. Lists with This Book. This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. May 29, Lexxi Kitty rated it it was ok Shelves: genre-adult-books , stars , setting-school , genre-erotica , reviewed , sexually-explicit , ez-read-a-thon.

For a challenge I'm going to read something from one of my two least read authors on my most read author page. Which means Sorenta, Katherine V. Forrest, or Erich von Gotha. So, time for my tenth Sorenta work. And it's a gang bang. So, two best friends are pledging a sorority. One really wants to be in it, other doesn't. But, meh. They are on their last task. As she twerked in the shower, she Testing the waters, as we did not know where to start, we decided to place an ad on Craigslist.

Sensual massage for wife. F40 M Before we retire somewhere private. There's an old saying, "If you don't ask you don't get," and it applies to all sorts of aspects of life. I once read an interview with Rod Stewart, at that time one of rock's leading lotharios, in which he revealed a pulling technique he used at parties.

Early in the evening, he would start talking to the girl he most fancied and after a few preliminaries he would say, "Would sex be out of I had told them about my visit to Edward's office. Oh my God! What was I doing? My hips were out of control, arching to meet his hand, daring him to delve between my legs. Worse still, Jack, my husband, lay on the massage table alongside with no idea what was going on.

We always request male masseurs as we find they give a deeper, more satisfying massage. We also ask if we Hubby was at the office on the lovely Saturday afternoon, leaving me home alone. I had been spending some hot, exciting time chatting with a couple of friends on Lush. I needed him.


Our relationship is solid, jealousy-free, and totally She stood to walk to the bathroom at the back of the luxury tour bus but the vehicle lurched as it took a corner, and Maria wobbled on her sparkling silver high heels. She would have toppled if not for the strong hands of Mark who jumped to his feet and grabbed her, one arm encircling her right across her 34E breasts.

It was late summer, the weather was still hot and sunny, and Melanie and I were making a long weekend of it.

Jake and Sue, the other two parts of our four-member pseudo-family, were away spending a week with relatives in Halifax, so Melanie and I decided to have a date night on the Saturday. Shortly after settling in their new home in the golf course community of Canterbury, their final child, Matthew arrived. Joe and Terri were soon involved in social as well as golf, swimming and tennis activities at Canterbury Golf Club.

They were Paul picks me up at P. We are going for coffee at the pizza place on Coventry.

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The lunch crowd is finished and we are the only customers. He likes the waitress. Her name is Mona. She is wearing a flowered dress and it shows off her tanned legs really well. Thomas," said the lady in question, "I thought you said you were going to check out my plumbing! Damn right I was checking out her plumbing. Just not the kind of plumbing she had in mind when she booked my services. Her arsehole was red hot and my pud fucker The silken robe slipped off her creamy shoulders as the dial for the shower was turned on, jets of water raining from the shower head and hitting the tiles below, saturating them.

My wife and I have an amazing sex life—in our minds! Our fantasies get us so turned on. She saw Tammy completely nude and riding reverse cowgirl on the brown-haired man while simultaneously sucking off another man. Melissa was being stuffed by her first black man and loving every minute of it. She was lying on her back and, reaching across her chest to squeeze one breast, sought to slow the jiggling of her other from the force of the man's stroke.

Two men stood at Lauren's right side as she sucked the swollen rod of one of the others. A fourth man had his face buried between her legs and was shaking his head wildly. The two standing men looked at Tammy or Melissa, sometimes returning their gaze to Lauren's chest, which she was still massaging with a free hand. They had dropped their pants and were stroking their cocks, Alicia figured, in anticipation of fucking Lauren or Tammy. Then, almost in unison, the two men turned and looked at her and the thought occurred to her that John wasn't the only guy she would be fucking tonight.

Under normal circumstances, the thought would have sickened her. She wasn't a slut, after all. But these weren't normal circumstances, and now she was intrigued by the idea of having two or three men in one night - maybe at the same time. But John was not finished with fucking her. He lifted her off her knees and told her on to lie on the couch, with her head in the middle. He put one leg at the couch's back and then positioned her so she would be in-between his legs, face to face, forming a right angle.

Sliding his cock in again, be began to stroke her clit with his right thumb as he moved in and out.

Gangbang at the Frat House: A Public Sorority Gangbang Erotica Story

And with his left hand, he began massaging her right breast. Arching her back to force more of him into her and give him better access to her love button, Alicia was in the clutches of a second orgasm when she felt a third hand begin to kneed her left breast.

She kept her eyes closed tightly, but was soon greeted with the feeling of a cock at her left cheek. Instinctively, she turned her head toward it and opened her mouth, pulling the cock into it. She reached over and began to stroke the rock-hard man meat as she bobbed her head as best she could. Opening her eyes, she saw it was one of the guys who had been standing near Lauren. The other guy had moved to Tammy's spot on the floor. She had turned around and was now taking on all three of them, sucking off the new guy while riding another. The third guy was just inserting his cock in her ass when Alicia looked over.

Alicia was surprised that she was still a little shocked by that.

She had heard about anal sex, but had never seen anyone do it - certainly not with two other men already in her. This was a whole new world to her. The cock Alicia now sucked was not as big as John's, but in this position it was big enough to cause problems, ramming the side of her mouth instead of sliding in smoothly. He was getting tired and Alicia could feel it. She took control of the situation and standing up, returned her mouth to his cock and presenting her pussy to the new member of their little private couch party. The return to doggy-style felt good, even if the man now in her pussy was a bit smaller than the first.

Alicia reckoned that John would be able to rest and then could resume plowing her with his larger farm gear. But John needed a real rest and he told her he wanted to cum.

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She wanted more cock, but told herself she had seven other guys to help her out if she needed it. And so she began sucking him harder than ever, squeezing his cock in a way that she knew would get him off quickly. The new guy, seeing this, began pumping harder. And even though the sensations she was feeling slowed her mouth around John's cock, he began to tighten. She began to move away and use only her hand, but John's cum shot out faster than she had planned and sprayed her mouth and chin.

She couldn't help but swallow some.