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These activities carried on outside the Sanctuary represented the process of justification and reconciliation of the sinner through the death of Jesus Christ on the cross, and the acceptance of that vicarious sacrifice of the Lamb of God by the repentant sinner. Inside the Sanctuary itself, in what is known as the first apartment, or Holy Place, were three pieces of furniture. To the south side of the room was a large golden candelabra, or Menorah, that had six branches off of a central candlestick. The Menorah used pure olive oil as fuel.

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It was the job of the priests to daily trim the wicks which were made of old priestly garments and refill the bowls of oil, so that the Menorah would constantly be a source of light for first apartment or Holy Place. The Menorah represented Jesus Christ, who is the light of the world, and the olive oil was symbolic of the Holy Spirit and the wicks were symbolic of the righteousness of Christ.

The Menorah also represents the seven churches of Revelation, who are to share the light of the gospel message with the rest of the world. It can be found in Revelation and Sometimes the central candlestick is illustrated as being slightly taller than the others. The Menorah is also thought to be symbolic of the 7 days of creation, with the taller candlestick representing the Seventh - day Saturday Sabbath, the only week day that God sanctified dedicated to a Holy purpose -.

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Gen And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made; and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had made. Gen And God blessed the seventh day, and sanctified it: because that in it he had rested from all his work which God created and made. On the north side of the Holy Place was a small table known as the table of Showbread. It was constructed of Acacia wood and covered with gold. On it were kept 12 loaves of unleavened bread Lev These loaves were symbolic of Jesus, who is the bread of life Jn , but they also represent the 12 tribes of Israel.

Also kept on the Table of Showbread, were offerings of wine Num , so both the bread and the wine of the Lord's supper were represented here. The Table of Showbread is alluded to in Revelation as a throne before the Candlestick, in chapter 4 verses In it was a brass pot, containing hot coals from the Brazen Altar of Burnt Offerings, and it was here that a very special blend of incense was burned by the priest, which filled the Sanctuary with a sweet smelling cloud, and obscured the glory of God over the mercy seat of the ark on the Day of Atonement, preserving the life of the High Priest Lev.

Sacrificial blood was sometimes put on the horns of the Golden Altar of Incense Lev. The Golden Altar of Incense also figures prominently in the book of Revelation Rev with regard to the end of judgment, or close of probation on humanity. The activities in the first apartment, or Holy place, represented the daily process of sanctification of the repentant sinner in preparation for the final judgment which occurred on the Day of Atonement, observed today as Yom Kippur.

This veil or curtain between the two apartments of the Sanctuary, the Holy and the Most Holy, has great significance. This is because it was this veil that tore at the very moment Jesus died on the Cross, symbolic of the end of the need for the human Levitical priesthood as mediator between man and God-.

The Tabernacle Model: The Illustrated Story of the Jewish Tabernacle (Essential Bible Reference)

Mat And, behold, the veil of the temple was rent in twain from the top to the bottom; and the earth did quake, and the rocks rent;. It is only by this veil door that access is possible to the Most Holy place of judgment.

The tearing of the veil is symbolic of the death of the Lamb of God, which now permits the believer in His atonement immediate access to the Most Holy place of God, the place of judgment, through the new High Priest Jesus Christ, the one and only mediator between man and God. The faithful have full and complete access to God, without the need of an earthly mortal priest to represent them. This was a box constructed of Acacia wood covered with Gold.

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Inside it was kept the two tables of stone upon which the Law of God The 10 Commandments was written. Later it also contained Aaron's rod that budded, and a pot of manna. The lid of the Ark was called the Mercy Seat Exo , and above it was where the glory of the Lord was present, between two covering cherubs, or angels, on either end of the Ark. The Mercy seat, or lid, represented Jesus Christ, the mediator for humanity between the Law of God, that requires the death of the sinner, and a merciful God.

The High Priest was the only person allowed to enter the Most Holy place where the Ark was kept, and that was only on one day of the year, the Day of Atonement known today as Yom Kippur. The armies of Titus found the Holy of Holies quite empty in 70 A. The Ark remains unlocated today, although there are numerous speculations about its whereabouts.

In Revelation which was written about 95 A. It is interesting to note that John is seeing the Ark of God in the heavenly Sanctuary, not the earthly Sanctuary which was utterly destroyed in 70 A. The activities on the day of Atonement symbolized the people of God, seeking representation by their High Priest Jesus Christ in the judgment, who met all the demands of the law perfectly and then was sacrificed for our sins. He paid the price for our disobedience, though he was perfectly obedient. The Hebrew Sanctuary illustrates that ultimately all humanity will be judged by the standards of God's Law.

Those with faith will keep the Law perfectly through Jesus Christ. Those without faith will not have been able to keep the Law of God, and must die as a result. After all, the wages of sin is death. Since the Law of God could not be changed , Jesus died for us, in our place, to satisfy the Law.

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By faith, we will take on the righteousness of Christ and be judged as keepers of the Law, with a right to the tree of life and eternal life. Just as all Israel sought representation by the High Priest on that day, we should be fervently seeking our High Priest, Jesus Christ, to represent us in Judgment. The Hebrew Sanctuary figures so prominently in the book of Revelation that you MUST understand the symbology of the Sanctuary and the yearly Sabbaths to really understand what John is trying to relate in Revelation.

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So, if that is clear to you, then on what basis can anyone claim the Law of God, the Ten Commandments, the very focus of the Day of Atonement Judgment Day , has been done away with? It is the very standard by which all humanity will be held accountable to God. It was by questioning, doubting, and then breaking God's Law that sin entered into the world in the first place. Those with faith will find mercy and atonement from God the Father through Jesus, and be restored to the pre-fall nature.

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