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Illuminating the Art of Medicine

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Tai Gooden. Kelly Knox. Lindsey Romain. Kyle Anderson. Type and hit enter:. Alpha will be closing on March Homophobia in the Patient-Physician Relationship To understand the nuances of disclosure of sexual orientation by health care professionals, it is important to review the impact of homophobia on health care. Physician Privacy: What Is It? Other Consequences to Consider Though Dr. In a editorial in the British Medical Journal, David Hughes writes Although health professionals may resolve in advance either to be open about their sexual orientation to "out" themselves or to avoid disclosure…it would be unrealistic to think that every routine consultation could be prefaced by an explanation of sexual preference.

Gay Friendly GPs – NSW STIPU

Does his business partner know? Other people in town?

The implication seems to be that nobody knows, but maybe Dr. Does he want Mrs. Raymond to know? He must weigh her potential reaction in the moment.

I'm a medical student, and I'm gay. Work would be simpler if I were heterosexual

Does he want other people to know? Can he stand to lose her as a patient? Can he stand to lose other patients? How would his practice partner react?

Doctor Kim will see you now

Could he lose his practice altogether? Has he lied to or misled people in Cedar about his personal life e. Is he ready to deal with the worst-case potential fallout? Loss of job, social ostracism, and so on. Is he in a relationship with anyone? If so, is the partner eager to be acknowledged or does he desire to keep the relationship private or are they ambivalent?

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What are the stressors on that relationship from being closeted? Furthermore, do they live together? How is that cohabitation publicly acknowledged? Are there other gay folks in town who would benefit from having a respected professional authority in town come out? Does Dr. James have an obligation to any degree to advocate for other gay people? Is he putting himself or any partners or friends in physical danger by coming out? Are there any measures he can take before or after coming out to protect himself and others, if need be? How long was he originally planning on living and practicing in Cedar? Is he building a life there? The first scene we see her in is tied in to the Robbo storyline , as the killer gang send him a message about Dylan Carter — by dumping a close-to-dead man with a mysterious symbol slashed into his chest on the side of a road.

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