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Sea Serpent, Lantern, Young Adult. Sea Serpent, Spiked, Mature Adult. Passionate Kiss divine, emotion, enchantment, mental Frequency Once per round; Effect The lust demon engages a creature she has grabbed in a kiss or other act of passion in order to drain its energy. The kiss makes the creature enervated 1 for 1 day. The creature must also succeed at a DC 21 Will save or become affected by a suggestion to submit to more acts of passion rather than trying to escape.

Further Passionate Kisses increase the amount of the enervated condition by 1. A creature whose enervated condition becomes equal to its level is slain by the Passionate Kiss. Profane Gift divine, enchantment, mental Frequency Once per day; Effect The lust demon can give a willing humanoid a profane gift.

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  • Removing the gift requires an atone ritual. The lust demon can remove the gift as an action to give the recipient a permanent stupefied 3 condition.

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    This condition is especially potent. It takes a 4th-level restoration spell to reduce the stupefied condition by 1. Prone to violence at a whim, these fiends are among the most predacious of their kind. Each of these massive demons has multiple eyes on its bestial head and a pair of insectile appendages stretching from its back. Paralyzing Gaze aura, divine, enchantment, visual 30 feet.

    Any nonevil creature that ends its turn in the aura must attempt a DC 32 Fortitude save. On a success, the creature also takes damage as if the mutilation demon hit with its tail Strike, and if the creature was flying, it falls 30 feet. Focus Gaze concentrate, divine, enchantment, visual The mutilation demon can focus its gaze on a nonevil creature it can see within 30 feet. If that creature is slowed, it must succeed at a DC 34 Fortitude save or become paralyzed for 1 round.

    Rend After hitting the same enemy with two consecutive claw attacks in the same round, a mutilation demon can deal claw damage again as its next action, without an attack roll. Enfeebling Bite divine, necromancy When the mutilation demon hits a creature with a jaws Strike, the creature becomes enfeebled 3. The creature can attempt a DC 34 Fortitude save to reduce this to enfeebled 1 unaffected on a critical success.

    Pride demons are fiends with the upper body of a six-armed woman wielding deadly weaponry and the lower body of a snake. Mariliths form from the souls of arrogant and proud evil mortals, often warlords and despots. Sextuple Opportunity A pride demon gains 5 extra reactions per round that it can use only to make Attacks of Opportunity.

    Defensive Assault The pride demon makes two Strikes with different weapons, and uses the remaining weapons its holding to protect itself. If it uses any of those weapons to attack including making an Attack of Opportunity , the bonus decreases by 1 for each weapon it used. Focused Assault The pride demon attacks a single target with all the weapons it wields, overwhelming the target with multiple attacks and leaving nowhere to dodge. The demon makes a longsword Strike. On a successful attack, it deals its longsword damage to the target, plus 1d8 additional damage for every longsword it wields beyond the first typically 5d8 extra.

    Even on a failed attack, the pride demon deals the damage from one longsword to the target, though it still misses completely on a critical failure. Among the smallest demons, these fiends have thin and wiry bodies, horned heads, and tattered bat wings. They often serve others of their kind or are brought to the Material Plane by evil conjurers to serve as familiars. Spellcasting divine, innate DC 15; 4th read omens; 1st fear; At Will detect alignment good only , invisibility self only ; Cantrips detect magic. Abyssal Knowledge When a quasit Aids an ally with an Arcana, Planar Lore, or Religion check, any result that is a success is instead a critical success and any result that is a failure is instead a critical failure.

    Slaver demons sprout dozens of horns from their muscular bodies, and often work as slavers and mercenaries within the Abyss, serving more powerful demons or even demon lords. Kalavakuses form from the souls of mortal slavers.

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    Horn Snare; Trigger A creature misses the slaver demon with a melee weapon Strike. Enslave Soul arcane, enchantment, mental The slaver demon attempts to enslave the soul of a living creature within 60 feet. The target can resist this enslavement with a successful DC 25 Will save. On a failure, the target is enfeebled 2 for 24 hours or until the slaver demon is slain, whichever comes first; on a critical failure, it also suffers the effects of a failure against dominate.

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    On a successful save, the target is bolstered. A slaver demon can have only one living soul enslaved with this ability at a time, and no more than one slaver demon can enslave the same soul. Slime demons are amorphous fiends made of churning sewage. They revel in despoiling waters and guarding already corrupted bodies of water.

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    • Omox demons form from souls who took great pleasure in desecrating purity. Spellcasting divine, innate DC 27 5th cloudkill, dimension door; 4th gaseous form; 3rd stinking cloud; At Will 5th create water. Liquid Leap concentrate, conjuration, teleportation The slime demon transports itself from its current space to any clear space within range that it can see, as long as both spaces are within a liquid.

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      The creature must hold its breath and is blind; succeeding at a DC 28 Fortitude save negates both effects. Otherwise, this effect lasts as long as the slime demon continues to Grab the creature. On a critical failure, that creature is also immobilized. If the creature or its allies spend a total of six Interact actions, they can scrape off the slime before the duration expires. Least among demonkind and mostly found serving more powerful fiends, these pitiful beings are small, bloated, and humanoid in shape. Dretches typically form from the souls of slothful, evil mortals.

      The sloth demon has that many actions that turn maximum 3. Effects like the slowed condition can reduce its number of actions further. Toad demons resemble bulky humanoid toads with gaping, toothy mouths and slimy armored flesh. They exude a noxious sweat that can poison their enemies and pollute waters. Hezrous form from the souls of evil mortals who poisoned either themselves, their kin, or their surroundings.

      Caustic Stench aura, olfactory, poison 30 feet. A creature entering the aura must succeed at a DC 25 Fortitude saving throw or be sick 1 plus slowed for 1 round on a critical failure. While within the aura, creatures take a —2 circumstance penalty to saves to recover from the sick condition. A creature that succeeds at its save is bolstered.