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It all starts like a fantasy tale: in a small boat floating along a tropical river, an old man is talking about a world that is in the grip of multinational corporations for good, and Two film directors and a writer are in Portugal for an expedition through various images, moments from the history of Western allegorical representation.

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The writer is Jean-Louis Schefer, Technical sheet Original version : spanish, english, french, basque. Muriel Montini. Pierre Creton.

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Jean-Marc Chapoulie. Mili Pecherer. Carlos Segundo.

Christophe Bisson. Francis Brou. Louise Narboni.

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Para Inducir el Espiritu de la Imagen, La Eterna, Remember the final scene of Go Toto! FID ? Madelene disappears, setting o to join the boar piglet she rescued and raised in her house in Vattetot. She makes a surreptitious Almost all of public space is under surveillance: this is now a firmly established commonplace.

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The eyes of technique are constantly and undiscriminately recording landscapes and unfolding Wrapped up warm in gorgeous medieval-like capes, two young women are walking. Setting o on their pilgrimage for a very humble destination, they travel along narrow country roads, and She studies the sound spaces hidden in the variations of light. By immersing herself in the images she distorts, Catarina discovers a new form of sound