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Most psychics are concentrated around urban centers, according to Jodie Vann, an assistant professor of religion at Dickinson College in Carlisle, Pennsylvania, who holds a Ph.

Phoenix and Psychics: A Channel Wide and Strong | Phoenix New Times

That diversity fuels the exchange of eclectic ideas. Psychics are more prevalent in the western half of the country, she says. Patricia Federico is a Phoenix-based curandera. Federico works inside a small house located at The Farm at South Mountain, where two maroon chairs face each other in front of a small altar.

Curanderismo is for everyone, she says, but only indigenous people should practice it. The same goes for shamans and other indigenous healers. Cultural appropriation is a problem, but Federico is fine with intertwining different cultures.

Walsh is part of a two-person collective called Ordo Helicali, which leads periodic discussions on divination and the occult at ThirdSpace, where they also do tarot card readings. Or just good old-fashioned curiosity.

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Christinia Brown of Mesa uses tarot cards in her readings, too. People gather there on Wednesday nights and Sunday mornings, for readings and reiki healing.

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During one Sunday morning in July, about two dozen people gathered inside. They sat in rows of chairs, including a final row that faced all the others. An aisle ran by the odd-facing row, where people walked to and from the reiki room for healings. Brown sat in another room, where she turned over eight cards for the woman who sat before her. Arranged in two rows of four cards, they included the death card. Besides the significance of the particular cards that get drawn, she explained, readers also look for relationships among the cards. Several cards with circle shapes might mean the client is coming full circle with an important issue, for example.

The church draws people from all over the state, Brown says.

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And it reflects the fact that so few people who live in Arizona were actually born here. It all makes sense, at least in theory. Turns out, the support for freedom from government regulation is something most Arizona psychics and politicians have in common, she says. Consider the case of two former presidents, Dickinson professor Vann says. Thomas Jefferson edited his own take on the Bible, and Abraham Lincoln held seances in the White House after his young son died.

On the national level, First Lady Nancy Reagan turned to astrology in the aftermath of an assassination attempt on her husband, President Ronald Reagan. She took a lot of grief for it, but she was hardly alone.

Osteomancy – The Art of Reading Bones

Psychic practice grew in America during the s and s, and became an important part of the hippie movement. In the s, New Age was all the rage. Fifteen percent of Americans have consulted a fortune teller or psychic, according to a Pew Research Center report. That includes one in 10 men, and two in 10 women. Democrats and liberals reported seeing a fortune teller more often than Republicans and conservatives.

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Americans are embracing supernatural phenomena as well, according to results of a Gallup survey released in Just 21 percent believe that people can communicate with the dead, and 9 percent believe in channeling spirits through the body. In recent years, psychic characters and ideas have infiltrated mass media and pop culture — including TV, film, music, and books. His practice includes working on criminal cold cases, and searching for things like oil and gold mines. Most psychics liken them to the bad apples you find in every other profession, from doctors to car salesmen.

In March, Shortcut Gallery showed works by Tara Logsdon , based on her original drawings for a deck of tarot cards that includes a guide book by L.

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Typically, psychics claim to either read your mind, predict future events, or communicate with dead people, Northover says. Instead, she points to psychological techniques that make psychics seem convincing. Or they go fishing by putting statements in question form, knowing clients will respond with information they can use. A woman named Heather Windle is among them. HuffPost is now part of the Verizon Media family. We Verizon Media and our partners need your consent to access your device, set cookies, and use your data, including your location, to understand your interests, provide relevant ads and measure their effectiveness.

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