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About This Artist

Only a part of them appeared during his lifetime: they were collected and published in , and immediately procured him the reputation of a distinguished poet. Schenk, Theodor —born at Alsfeld, died in , whilst minister of the town of Giessen. Schmolck, Benjamin ——a Silesian born at Brauchitschdorf, minister at Schweidnitz; a man of great piety, and very influential in his day.

Most of his hymns and they were above a thousand in number are distinguished by a truly poetical and peculiar genius. Their characteristic is a simplicity and sincerity, which emulates that of Paul Gerhard, but without his sublimity. It has ever since been considered one of the chief ornaments of German hymnology.

Wiesenmayer or Wiedemayer , Burchard , the author, not otherwise known, of several hymns. Zihn, Johann Friedrich ——Archdeacon at Suhla, in the province of Henneberg, of which place he was a native. Zwick, Johann —of Kostnitz, who died ; he was first a jurist, and afterwards a theologian and minister in his native city; a pious and learned man. Wend Unfall ab, kanns anders sein, Wo nicht, so geb ich mich darein, Und will nicht widerstreben.

Morning Hymn.

Kind der Nacht

Unconscious, I securely slept, Nor saw the cruel foes which kept Close watch about my slumber; Though evil spirits, through the night, With hellish craft and watchful spite, Came round me without number; Whose hands In bands, Mischief brewing For my ruin, Had enslaved me, Hadst not Thou stood by and saved me.

Help, Lord, Afford! Near me tarry, Blows to parry, While around me Sword and arrow sore confound me. Wo bist du, Sonne, blieben? Evening Hymn. Hide me under the Shadow of Thy Wings. Sun, whither hast thou vanished? Tired limbs, how toil oppressed you! Ye long in bed to rest you, And thou, my weary head! Sende dein Licht und deine Wahrheit, dass sie mich leiten. O send out Thy Light and Thy Truth, that they may lead me. King of Creation! Lord of Salvation! Wenn der Tag anbrechen wird, Dem kein Tag zu gleichen!

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The Lord shall be thine everlasting Light, and the days of thy mourning shall be ended. Isaiah , lx. All are at rest Whom work oppressed; Let me, in silent wonder, Thy work, Lord, within my breast, Here in silence ponder. O could I there Take part, however lowly, In those choirs which ever sing, Holy!

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  6. O Saviour blest, My Help and Rest! Drum auf, Zion! Advent Hymn. This is the Lord; we have waited for Him: we will be glad and rejoice in His salvation. Isaiah , xxv. That which holy men of old, Those who throng the Sacred Pages, Waited for through countless ages; Alleluia! Now the wished for Morning breaketh; Hark! Patriarchs erst and priests aspiring, Kings and prophets long desiring, Saw not this before they died: Lo!

    See its beams to earth directed! Welcome, O Thou long-expected! Come, thyself as offering bringing, Come, thou Bride, for ever singing, Alleluia! Wachet auf! Steht auf, die Lampen nehmt! Nun komm, Du werthe Kron! Herr Jesu Gottes Sohn! Behold, the Bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet Him. Matthew , xxv. Jerusalem, awake!

    ELH Hymn

    Come forth, ye virgins wise! The Bridegroom comes, arise!

    Die Nacht ist vorgedrungen

    Each lamp be bright, With ready light, To grace the Marriage-Feast to-night! Zion hears the Voice that singeth; With sudden joy her glad heart springeth; At once she wakes, she stands arrayed: See her Light, her Star ascending, Lo! All hail, our Joy and Crown! The joyful call We answer all, And follow to the Nuptial Hall. Praise to Him Who went before us! Let men and angels join in chorus, Let harp and cymbal add their sound!

    We raise the song, We swell the throng, To praise Thee ages all along. Wach auf, wach auf, du sichre Welt, Der letzte Tag wird wahrlich kommen, Denn was im Himmel ist bestellt, Wird durch die Zeit nicht hingenommen: Ja was der Heiland selbst geschworen, Soll endlich allzumal geschehn: Obgleich die Welt muss untergehn, So wird sein Wort doch nicht verloren.

    Awake thou that sleepest, and arise from the dead, and Christ shall give thee light. The Last of Days will come indeed, Awake! The Lord to judgment comes, awake! Arrayed in Majesty transcendent; Accursed sinners groan and quake, Awed by His Countenance resplendent: Behold Him now, behold and wonder! How soon the Last of Days will dawn! Who knows how soon the glorious Morn Of that dread Day will overtake thee? Lift up, ye saints, your joyful heads, For your redemption now draws nearer; There, where a better Joshua leads, A Righteous Day will soon dawn clearer, When all who follow now His banners, Led on by His victorious Hand, Shall win once more a Promised Land, And sing in triumph loud Hosannas.

    Christmas Hymn. All glory, worship, thanks, and praise, That Thou art come in these our days; Thou Heavenly Guest expected long, We hail Thee with a joyful song. Encouraged thus, our love grows bold On Thee to lay our steadfast hold; The Cross which Thou didst undergo Has vanquished Death, and healed our woe.

    Ulysses (German Edition)

    As each short year goes quickly round, Our Alleluias shall resound; And, when we reckon years no more, May we in heaven Thy Name adore. God so loved the world, that He gave His only begotten Son. John , iii. Exalt His Name! With joy proclaim, God loved the world, and through His Son forgave us; Oh! O Christ, to prove For Thee my love, In brethren Thee my hands shall clothe and cherish; To each sad heart Sweet hope impart, When worn with care, with sorrow nigh to perish.

    Come, praise the Lord! Epiphany Hymn. I am the root and the offspring of David, and the bright and Morning Star. The wondering sages trace from far Bright in the west the Morning-Star A Light illumes the western skies, Seen never in the east to rise. O Jesu! Shed forth Thy beams both near and far, That all, in these our later days, May know Thee, and proclaim Thy praise.


    Heil uns! The Lord hath laid on Him the iniquity of us all. Isaiah , liii. But lo! Ungodly counsels then, And deeds of evil men, All sins of each degree, of every kind; Not as to mortal eyes, But in their hellish guise, Were then all bared to His Omniscient Mind. Maker and Lord of all! Yet, Father, not My Will be done, but Thine. O well for us, indeed! Herzliebster Jesu, was hast Du verbrochen, Dass man ein solch scharf Urtheil hat gesprochen?