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Even simply reading to your child and then having him or her tell you what happened in the story, having them color, counting, anything helps. It is often all too apparent which children come into class at the beginning of kindergarten and have not had enough time doing activities with adults in their lives. Standards for kindergarten have increased dramatically and in many places, the children should be writing at least two complete sentences with a corresponding picture by the end of the year, not to mention many of the other skills they have to master.

Try to have a maximum of thirty minutes in front of the tv or playing video games each day. There are short educational movies, such as the Letter Factory, which will help your child learn the letters and letter sounds. The rest of the time they should be playing outside, coloring, practicing cutting, writing letters, attempting to write their name, building with blocks, building shapes out of play-do, doing puzzles, etc. While some of these activities may not seem academic, they help build their curiosity, critical thinking, and develop their fine-motor skills small muscle coordination, especially in their fingers.

Social skills are also critical in kindergarten, so set up play dates or other times when your child can interact with others.

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Your child is depending on you to provide them with the necessary skills in order to be successful in school. These are fantastic suggestions. I am logging them for when my baby is older. I have memorized a few of his books and recite them to him but it is not the same. He does go figure like to watch Jeopardy and my husband reads the clues out loud as well as the answers.

Hubby reads the answers because we mute the tv so my baby can feed in relative quiet. But hubby reading from the tv is not the same thing is it? What could you suggest we do to interest him? I am of the school that it is never too young to start…. I would often read to my son at night when I was rocking him. I remember reading to him at night was one of my favorite things to do. It was my quiet alone time with him. Enjoy this time, they get big so fast!! At 5 months, one of the best things you can do for your son is to just to talk to him about whatever is going on around him!

He will learn so much just by listening to you. There are many board or cloth books available for little ones that have things that they can touch and feel fuzzy sheep or bumpy snake skin, etc. Other books have flaps that they can lift, which will likely keep him more entertained. Try something simple, like Goodnight Moon and look for simple books with bright colors and shapes. Reading before you put him to bed is an excellent idea. Reading is also a very calming activity. I know his future kindergarten teacher will thank you!

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Make games out of learning basics. Get flash cards and write simple flash cards on them.. You can make up your own game, or what I did, was put masking tape on the backs, and put them word out in a big square on an empty wall area. I told Jacob what the words were, there were only like 10 or 15 at first and then asked him to go pick me out certain words from the wall.. My husband and I both work full-time. He is a student and we have a 5 month old baby.

We also cannot afford most Pre-K programs but make too much to qualify for Head Start. It is very inexpensive!

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On the downside, I do not feel that all of his needs are met through this program. He is learning the very important basics of interaction with his fellow students and with his teacher. All in all, it is definitely worth the minimal charge. We just try to continue what he is doing at school into our daily activities at home. Hope this helps…hang it in there!! It will be worth it in the end!!!!

Rhiannon, what you do with the worksheets is awesome. She has no idea she should be looking over his work and going over it with him. So so sad. Claire, First of all you are being an example of learning to your child! Way to go! Going to school yourself is such an example to children of why school is important. Pre K is expensive. Its worth it. They exist and are very well run in most cases.

They now have more. It is a worthwhile investment. Your child gets some basic skills like letters, numbers etc plus the added bonus of learning computer skills. Add colors and numbers into your routine. Do you want to wear the blue shirt or the red shirt? You have to work and go to school to support your family. My son was a crier.

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He cried all the time…except when something was moving and singing on a screen. He is using it to count and learn math now…its a great tool… I sit with him while he does it but I encourage him to learn it, instead of giving him the answers… Well worth the money for us…. Claire, read with your child each night or at least 5 nights per week. Turn off the radio in the car and talk about the things you see outside while you drive. Turn off the TV and spend 10 mins playing with them. Fix them a cabinet they can safely play in while you work in the kitchen so you can talk to them, sing to them.

Bath time is a great time to sing silly songs and talk with your child.

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You would be suprised what that will do for them. Say things like now we are going to fill up the bath tub, now lets check the water, etc.

Just remember people used to get their kids ready for life and school with no TV etc. You can do it! Believe in you and your kiddo!!! In the classroom, the teacher will not be dancing, singing, flashing lights or juggling! Teach your child to listen to your voice, to sit and put a puzzle together with you, count a group of plastic animalsm sort coins.. I was really surprised to see the long list of things.

As someone else said, what about not being able to afford daycare?? My son is pretty smart for not being in a daycare. We also got him a pre K book to work on here at home but there is alot that he has not learned yet. Also like someone else said, they should be learning some of this stuff in school. There really is no point to send them to pre K then if they have to know all that stuff before going??

Pre-K is wonderful! I helps to get them adjusted to what school is really about! And I think sending them to Pre-K is wonderful!! As a K teacher I can really tell a difference in the kids that go to Pre-K or a structured daycare center and the kids that have not.

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They seem to understand the school routine better. Quit making excuses about daycare. You can teach your children these things on your own and quite frankly I believe that as a parent, you should. If you think about it, 5 years is 1, days. Divide that by 71 things to teach them and that gives you about a month to go over just ONE concept with your child. Like someone else said, even just reading to them at night will help them a lot.

I did this when I was working and in school. This list seems very easy. It is amazing how much little ones learn! Casey is right.

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I worked full time and went to school full time with two small children and both of my girls knew most of the things on this list at 3 years old, and the rest at 4. Children are capable of so much more than you think, and Kindergarden will be more demanding than you expect. Parent involvement makes the difference! Thank You!