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The Challenges of Anxious-Avoidant Relationships

Teachers can wield their positional authority in ways that require students to take up their own power and responsibility as learners. Unfortunately, poorly wielded power can have detrimental and even debilitating impacts on students. It can be oppressive. Explicit and implicit bias can shape who is given opportunities to learn, encouragement in the rough moments, and a sense of whether they have an innate capacity for learning.

Often, our biases and resulting actions happen without our awareness. Students receive these messages and learn from them. Responsible and loving pedagogy is an art that takes time to hone. Just like their students, teachers need an intentional learning process that includes the challenge and support of others:.

Once I got past my own ego, I could ask the class if any of them knew the answer. Now, I have more confidence and more trust in the process, and I try to bring as much honesty and open-mindedness as possible. Experimenting with new ways of wielding power can feel risky. Great teachers feel deep responsibility for the learning of their students. And, teacher success is often measured as the degree to which students demonstrate content mastery. This approach to teacher assessment is rooted in the false assumption that learning is something teachers do to students.

If we believe that only the learner can do the learning, the most effective thing educators can do is help students leverage their innate abilities as humans to learn. Teaching from positional authority is dehumanizing to teachers, too. Teachers are not Omniscient, Omnipresent, Omnibenevolent gods.

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When they teach from positional authority, they step into a hierarchy that unnaturally separates teachers from their students, as though they have supernatural power to justify their position. Teachers that want humanizing relationships with their students must get to know them as learners and as people. They must also authentically share of themselves. Cliche as it may sound, for teachers to have loving relationships with their students, they must first love themselves. This requires acknowledging who we are through critical self-reflection. We each have insecurities, communication styles, and implicit biases that shape how we engage with others.

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When we lean into our strengths, own our imperfections, and strive to live in a manner aligned with our values, we embrace our own humanity. But, it allows us to enter the classroom with a new form of authority — expertise. It is expertise about how to learn in ways that are humanizing to ourselves and others. It demonstrates to students that learning as an individual and as part of a community is valuable because it is fundamental to our humanity, not because it helps us win a meritocratic race. When we do the work to become the learners we want to be and to love ourselves for who we truly are, we are preparing to serve as guides for our students to do the same. Here are some of the questions guiding my inquiry. Please share yours in the comments section below. Sign in. Get started. Robin Pendoley Follow.

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Age of Awareness Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the education system. Social impact educator, with expertise in international development, higher education, and the disconnect between good intentions and meaningful outcomes. Age of Awareness Follow. Stories providing creative, innovative, and sustainable changes to the education system. This tale of love and redemption will stay with you long after you've closed the book. A must-read. From its highly relatable characters to its pitch-perfect dialogue, Love and Other Mistakes is a delightful, romantic read filled with just the right amount of sass.

I lost count of the number of times I laughed out loud as I watched Natalie and Jem navigate their relationships, careers, and faith. Readers of Sally Thorne and Bethany Turner will be immediately at home with Natalie: an all-too-real heroine who balances whip-smart agency with an endearing vulnerability and whose intersection with long-lost Jeremy helps her forge a path to confidence and discover the woman she was always meant to be.

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Australian author Jessica Kate writes inspirational romances with wit, sass, and grit. She has traveled North America and Australia, and samples her favorite pasta wherever she goes—but the best so far is still the place around the corner from her corporate day job as a training developer.

She loves watching sitcoms with her housemates and being a leader in a new church plant. Visit her online at jessicakatewriting.