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Ist das eine Falle? Zatareih bittet mehrere Journalisten, ihn zu den Busfahrern zu begleiten. Ja, sagen die, es gehe an die Grenze, das sei ihre Anweisung.

Ancestors: The Humankind Odyssey 🐵 #05 Liebe und Tod! Gameplay (deutsch/german)

Sobald das Vorauskommando die Grenze erreicht, soll es ein Signal an die anderen geben. Da taucht Achmed auf, ihm ist das alles suspekt, es gibt Streit zwischen ihm und Zatareih. Es ist der kritischste Augenblick des Marsches. Aber Mohammad Zatareih gewinnt die Oberhand. Ein erster Bus wird vorgeschickt. Weitere Busse fahren am Ostbahnhof in Budapest vor, Jubel brandet auf. Knapp vier Kilometer Luftlinie sind es von hier bis zum Westbahnhof. Es ist eine Entscheidung von Minuten, es gibt keinen Generalstabsplan.


Bis bald in Deutschland. Die Busse fahren los. Es regnet. Viele tragen nur Flipflops. Sie frieren, haben Hunger.

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Einige steigen aus dem Bus, zeigen den Mittelfinger, rufen: "Fuck Hungary. Beamte This term covers civil servants and other officials, but also occupations like teachers and lecturers. Beamte are legally obliged to support the democratic system in Germany and are not allowed to go on strike. In return, they enjoy many privileges, such as total job security, private health insurance, and exemption from social security contributions.

This vibrant city in the heart of Europe lies on the river Spree. It has about 3. They attend Berufsschule 2 days a week or sometimes in blocks of several weeks to continue their general education and receive formal training in their chosen type of job. Betriebsrat The staff in any German company with at least five employees are entitled to have a Betriebsrat. This is a committee elected by the workers to represent their interests as opposed to those of management. It allows workers to participate in decisions on pay and other benefits, redundancies, and even some business matters.

A—Z of German life and culture Biergarten A rustic open-air pub which is traditional in Bavaria but can now be found throughout Germany.

It is usually set up for the summer in the yard of a pub or restaurant. It is known for its right-wing views. Bild sells about 4. Its Sunday edition is called Bild am Sonntag. The river Rhine flows through it. This popular recreation area enjoys a particularly mild climate, especially on the three islands Lindau, Mainau, and Reichenau. This relatively small, quiet city of about , inhabitants enjoys a picturesque location on the river Culture.

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With the introduction of the Euro in , some of its functions have passed to the European Central Bank also in Frankfurt. Bundeskanzler The Chancellor is the head of government in Germany and Austria. He chooses the ministers and decides on government policies. He so far there have not been any women acts mainly as a figurehead, representing Germany abroad, and does not get involved in party politics, although he often takes a moral lead in major issues like the reform of the education system.

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Sometimes the opposition parties actually hold a majority in the Bundesrat, which allows them to influence German legislation. Bundestag The lower house of the German parliament, which is elected every four years by the German people.

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Half of the MPs are elected directly and half by proportional representation, in a complicated voting system where each voter has two votes. Bundeswehr This is the name for the German armed forces, which come under the control of the defence minister. Culture This party came into being in as the result of a merger of the West German Green party and civil rights movements of the former GDR.

It is the third largest force in the German parliament, committed to environmental and social issues. It was founded in and is committed to Christian and conservative values. The CDU is not active in Bavaria. The concept of der Weihnachtsmann Father Christmas is relatively new in Germany. It was founded in and has enjoyed an absolute majority in Bavaria for over 30 years. Politically, it stands to the right of the CDU. Programming includes news, information, films, and entertainment. It has a liberal to left-wing outlook and has become synonymous with investigative journalism in Germany, as it has brought to light a number of major scandals in German business and politics over the years.

Deutsche Post The previously state-run German postal system has undergone wide-ranging reforms in recent years which will effectively remove the Deutsche Post monopoly by The number of post offices has been reduced, but small post office agencies can now be found in shops, newsagents, and petrol stations. German letter boxes are yellow. Postal charges are relatively high, but the service is very reliable. Deutsche Telekom The previously state-run German telecommunications service has undergone extensive reforms and gradual privatization and is now a public limited company.

The Shadow of Yesterday

Since when the market was opened up to competition, Deutsche Telekom has ceased to have a monopoly. Deutsche Welle The German equivalent of the BBC World Service, this radio station is financed and controlled by the German government and broadcasts programmes on German politics, business, arts, and culture, aimed at listeners abroad. DGB - Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund The biggest trade-union umbrella organization in Germany, with about 8 million members in 13 individual unions. In recent years, the DGB has pursued a policy of moderation in its pay demands.

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Die Republikaner This ultra right-wing party was founded in and quickly became notorious for its xenophobic and nationalistic aims. Die Welt A national daily newspaper which was founded in and is published in Hamburg. It has a large business section and is considered to be right-wing in its views. The paper offers in-depth analysis of current issues in politics, society, culture, and the arts.

The documenta covered drama, music, film, talks and the Internet as well as art.

It cost over 20 million DM and was subsidized heavily by the taxpayer and private sponsors. Drittes Programm One of the eight regional television channels run by the ARD and focussing on regional affairs and educational programmes. Duales System This is a waste disposal and recycling system which was introduced in Germany in and is operated by the private company DSD.

Non- recyclable and compostable waste is still collected by the local refuse collection service. Eigenheim The level of home ownership in Germany is rising but still far lower than in Britain. German houses tend to be large and solidly built, usually with cellars, and are therefore relatively expensive. Einwohnermeldeamt Anybody who moves to Germany or relocates within Germany is legally obliged to register their address with the Einwohnermeldeamt within a week.

Entwerter When travelling on buses and trams in Germany it is important to remember that you have to cancel entwerten your ticket in one of the Entwerter machines located inside the bus or tram. Your ticket, even if you have just bought it from the driver, is not valid without the stamp from the Entwerter. Erziehungsgeld A state benefit paid for up to two years to any mother or father who stays at home after the birth of a child to look after it. In addition to this, parents receive Kindergeld child benefit for each child.

At the end of this Erziehungsurlaub they are entitled to return to their old job. Eurocheque The Eurocheque is the standard cheque issued by banks in Germany. It is backed up by the Eurochequekarte which can also be used at cash machines and for payments in shops. Although plastic cards have become more popular in Germany, many people and shops and restaurants still prefer cash. Fahrschule Learner drivers in Germany have to take lessons from a qualified driving instructor at a Fahrschule driving school in a specially adapted car with dual controls.

It is quite common to have 20 or 30 driving lessons before sitting the driving test, as there is no other way of getting driving practice on the road.