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PTW Leviticus: Holy God, Holy People

Black Friday- New Deals Added. This Week's Specials:. Preorder Add To Wishlist. Jesus Calling for Christmas Sarah Young. Sarah Young. Paul David Tripp. Sally Lloyd-Jones. Featured Stores:. Black Friday Sale. In fear they distanced themselves from the mountain Exodus , In the book of Leviticus we discover that the people, however, gladly saw the glory of the Lord after the priests prepared the way by instituting the first sacrifices in the tabernacle: "And Moses and Aaron went into the tent of meeting, and when they came out they blessed the people, and the glory of the Lord appeared to all the people.

And fire came out from before the Lord and consumed the burnt offering and the pieces of fat on the altar, and when all the people saw it, they shouted and fell on their faces" , From the mountain.

The Lord delivered the covenant Exodus , instructions for building the tabernacle Exodus , and the regulations found in the book of Leviticus at Sinai. The opening words of Leviticus assume the Sinai location, and the book concludes with a special mention of Mount Sinai The people resided on the mountain for about a year and a half cf. Exodus , 2; Numbers The importance of Sinai for the setting of Leviticus shows the strategic magnitude of the revelation that God gave regarding worship and holy living.

It was the site of revelation, promise, and command.

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It was the first place where Moses encountered the Lord Exodus ; Acts and the place where the Lord gave Israel the two tablets of the Ten Commandments Exodus It was the place of revelation. Jesus painted the profile of righteous citizenship for kingdom citizens. Moreover, the transfiguration of Jesus occurred on a mountain Matthew And a cloud too rested over Jesus and his disciples from which the Father spoke.

Israel associated Sinai with the majesty of God whose presence shook the earth and whose voice was like thunder Exodus ; ; Deuteronomy , Moses himself was utterly petrified with fear Acts ; Hebrews But we who know the Lord Jesus have not come to the Mount Sinai with trembling. The writer to the Hebrews declares that we who know Christ have come to the heavenly Mount Zion, the heavenly abode of all who have faith in the Lord Hebrews We have no fear but rather confidence in the eternal destiny to which our pilgrimage here on earth will lead.

This heavenly citizenship was accomplished through the shed blood of our Lord Jesus Christ.

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From the tent. The mountain was immovable. The Lord therefore furnished a portable Sinai, the tabernacle shrine where God might reside among his people wherever he might lead them. We are familiar with the advantages of portability in our high-tech society. For example, the popular computer-based iPod enables a person to carry on the small digital device up to 5, musical songs. Whenever the cloud that hovered above the tabernacle moved, the people knew to set off on another stage of their journey.

The regulations of Leviticus fit between the two descriptions of the movements of the tabernacle in Exodus and Numbers They were not to take one step apart from the presence of God.

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First, there was a correspondence between the three divisions of the tent and the three circles of holiness that ascended to the summit of the mountain. The inner room of the tent was known as the Most Holy, and the outer room was simply the Holy Place Exodus The third division was the courtyard that encircled the tent Exodus Correspondingly, at the peak of the mountain, as in the Most Holy Place, the Lord spoke, and no one could approach God at the summit except Moses.

In the same way, only the high priest could enter into the Most Holy Place Exodus ; ; Numbers Below the peak was the cloud to which Moses and the elders of Israel ascended. This corresponds to the Holy Place, the room that the priests could enter to assist the high priest in his duties Exodus ; , 2, 15, Last was the foot of the mountain where the people stood Exodus ; Deuteronomy Here was the equivalent to the courtyard where the laity could enter for sacrifice and worship Leviticus ; Second, the visage of Moses after speaking with God recalled his sojourn on the mountain.

Whenever Moses entered into the presence of the Lord, his face glowed brightly as it had initially upon his descent from the mountain. His face reflected the effulgent glory of the Lord Exodus The significance of the opening words of Leviticus is that God continued to speak, although the forty days of revelation at the mount would come to an end. By this perpetual presence among his people, the Lord provided for closeness between him and Israel.


This continuous presence of the tabernacle assured Israel uninterrupted provision and protection. God has made the same provision for us as Christians but in a much more personal way.

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The Apostle John drew on the imagery of the tent when he declared, [T]he Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth John The term dwelt translates the Greek term skenoo , which is related to the word tent skene in our passage. Our Lord Jesus Christ became flesh — the incarnate God — who made his tent among us.

By this habitation the Lord exhibited the glory of God. Whereas in the past God revealed himself by means of dreams, visions, and the prophets, he now has shown himself uniquely through the incarnation of his Son. Jesus is the very expression of God himself — fully God and fully human Hebrews There is no option for Christians to include other religious figures on the same stage as the Lord Jesus. It cannot be Jesus and Caesar or Jesus and Mohammad.

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His servant Moses. If the book of Leviticus teaches us anything, it is that the Lord God demands that only qualified persons can commune with him. He is the awesome holy God who is unlike any other. It was long recognized that a go-between was necessary for men and women to relate to the Lord Job , It was at the risk of death that someone transgressed the sacred space that God inhabits, unless preparatory steps were taken to become fit to meet with God Exodus John Moses could not look upon the essence of God by viewing his face; he could only see his back and survive Exodus Yet, by his gracious mercies God made it possible for the people to know him despite their sinful condition as human beings.

The chief mediator or safeguard between the Lord and the people was Moses, who was the mouth of God. Moses enjoyed a special relationship with God. Initially, the Lord made himself available to Moses at any time from a special tent outside the camp. Moses actually entered the cloud on Mount Sinai Exodus , but when the Lord took up residence in the Tent of Meeting, the cloud so filled the tent that Moses could not enter Exodus He received the word of the Lord while standing outside the tent. It was from this position that the Lord gave to Moses the beginning revelation and regulations of the book of Leviticus Leviticus Especially, the ritual on the Day of Atonement restricted entrance to the Most Holy Place to the high priest alone who was an exclusive descendant of Aaron Leviticus His Son Jesus.

He failed the Lord through angry disobedience and was prohibited from leading the people into the promised land Numbers Jesus exceeded even the great prophet Moses. Although Moses was a loyal servant , Christ was a faithful son Hebrews The divine son, Jesus, is the very image of God, fully divine and fully human 2 Corinthians ; Colossians ; Hebrews He is the complete and perfect mediator 1 Timothy Jesus fully revealed the Father John ; ; Those of us in the household of faith no longer stand outside the tent looking from afar; we are brought close to God through the sacrificial death of our Lord Jesus Christ.

He performed flawlessly the vicarious death that removes our sin and reconciles us to God Hebrews ; The Lord had provided the tabernacle, but now there was the need for the proper features of worship. Leviticus spells out the five sacrifices that God ordained for worship, including atonement for their sin Leviticus Additionally, the Lord directed Moses to carry out the ordination of the priests who were to function at the altar where the sacrifices were carried out Leviticus 8.

After all had been revealed regarding the means of maintaining the relationship between the Lord and his people, the first sacrifices were performed by the newly consecrated priests, Aaron and his sons. Receiving Healing from the Courts of Heaven. Robert Henderson. Derek Prince. Be Holy Leviticus. Learning Evangelism from Jesus.

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