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Dalla fine del New Italian Epic alla collana #Quintotipo

Ninfodora Ivanovna PDF complete. Padri E Figli Universale Economica. Parole D Amore. Patologie PDF ePub. Piccolo Mondo Antico. Integrale PDF Kindle. Pimpa Con Chi Gioca? Pimpa: A Cosa Serve?

Pimpa: Che Differenza C E? PDF Download. Read Eccomi, Smack Online. Read Elogio Del Libro Online. Read Fabbricante Di Sogni Online. Read Faust Italian Edition Online. Read Heidegger PDF. Read I Dialoghi Degli Amanti. I Classici Online. Read I Viaggi Di Gulliver. Integrale Online. Read Il Laboratorio Del Lettore. Con Espansione Online. Segretissimo Online. Shame on me!!! With several albums released on Psychonavigation, Silentes and Velut Luna, Enrico returns here with exciting sound collage dedicated and influenced by the magical city of Venice.

After boiling all these ingredients together, we get here a quite eclectic acoustic ambient based journey full of joy and attraction.

I guarantee all your memories will relive once again!!! Molte grazie to Enrico and all his guests, this is a pure magic!!!

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Photos by Donato Gagliano and Isabella Rivera. Questa la prefazione ad un racconto costruito magicamente con il suono e con i suoni: quei rumori, quelle voci, quei momenti di vita che solo un microfono binaurale sa fermare e rendere vivi per sempre, ascolto dopo ascolto. Salicornie is a marvelously engaging exploration of Venice. The disc operates as a sonic postcard, and is so evocative that it should be sold in airport kiosks to outgoing tourists wishing to extend their experience. The only drawbacks are non-musical: an unwieldy title and a cover that fails to accurately represent its contents.

The mind plays tricks: reorganizes geography, truncates chronology, glosses over imperfection. In much the same way, Salicornie presents an idealized Venice, preserved in amber: a slice of life that operates as a microcosm of the whole.

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On Salicornie, he calls upon the assistance of some mighty fine collaborators, including Arve Henrikson on trumpet, Gigi Masin on piano and Patrik Monticelli on cello. But while the former album relied on the inspiration of a lagoon, its sequel benefits from a more complex muse. While the sounds of the lagoon can still be heard, they are joined here by the revelry of the Venice Carnival and the bells of the San Marco Basilica. Much of the album seems to have been recorded around the Piazza and Piazzetta. We hear water lapping, pigeons cooing, children playing, crowds laughing, and occasionally, the sound of distant troubadours.

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Strangely, even a monkey seems to make an appearance on Track These welcome guests help to shift the album from the ambient to the experimental. While assigning mood to music is subjective, Salicornie seems to be an album of late summer tumbling into autumn.

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The happiest moments arrive during the opening tracks, after which the voices fade, the effects grow increasingly solitary and the instrumentation turns wistful. As the closing piano piece unfolds, each note seems to forestall the onset of fall. When the last note echoes, we involuntarily shiver. For the first night since spring, the windows will have to be shut. The first leaf is about to descend. Adjoining such elements are thick ambient webs Coniglio builds from a mini-orchestra of guitar, synthesizer, bells, toy glockenspiel, clavietta, harmonica, psalterium, and a host of other materials.

Some pieces are shape-shifting settings of collage-styled design; others are more song-shaped. For every excursion into darkness e. Liverani — CD — Silentes, Sea Cathedrals by Enrico Coniglio feat. Manuel P. Cecchinato and Massimo Liverani. He has been kind enough to keep me apprised of his work, and some time ago I received a couple of packages of CDs from him containing releases from different projects.

Coniglio has deep roots in Venice, and he continues to project a strong sense of place through field recordings and album imagery. But through his work I have discovered a larger collection of ambienteers from Italy, a sense of place that comes from the community of musicians.

His collaborators include his cover photographer Manuel P. The twenty-minute title track, which opens the album, combines isolated chords in a synth drone with single percussive strokes and processed or perhaps electronic seagulls. Single bell strokes, like temple bells, introduce sections with cavernous voices, reverberating in a public space like a train station. This song could fit comfortably on softer mainstream instrumental radio.

But the theme disintegrates back into hazy, languid echoes of Gershwin, which in turn become the background for a stroll around the Piazza San Marco, with tourists, strolling musicians, church bells. This track, like the main theme, could easily be a strong candidate for radio play.

One piece. New edition. Vol. 4

Fondamente Nova incl. Aside from Coniglio, most of the names are new to me, although I reviewed an album by Obsil for furthernoise. My only complaint about the comp, a minor one, is that none of the web sites have links to the artists, which defeats one of the purposes of the collection. Cecchinato and Massimo Liverani, is no exception. Blend of dark drones, on-site recordings and some vocals of Manuela Bruschini makes from this minute track a pure gem, what a masterpiece!!!

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More please!!! This one would easily fit also Aqua Dorsa project, another remarkable piece! The name Enrico Coniglio is not new to this scene as well as to me. In the past I had the pleasure of reviewing another CD with him being one of the collaborators. Part field recordings, part guitar loops, bells, vocals and synths — this album gathers sounds from as much different origins as what was brought into the harbor. On the cover and in the books it says Enrico Coniglio feat.