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I honestly can't decide. Maybe you prefer a live version? If so, please give it a mention.

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BlueGangsta , Mar 13, Location: UK. I can't decide either. Both utterly gorgeous! JamesLord , Mar 13, Location: Devon, UK.

Chano Dominguez's Flamenco Sketches

I think the poll should have a "can't decide" option, because I too can't decide. Thoughtships , Mar 13, Location: Toronto, Ontario. Album version for me. Zach Johnson , Mar 13, Location: London, England.

The alt version is great, but the sequencing on the reissue does no favours to either version. Question: is the alt. There a theory that the titles of All Blues and Flamenco Sketches were switched haven't seen any more on this as to whether it was deliberate or administrative, and when it occurred , but if the tape box calls it Flamenco Sketches, that's proof that it was called that all along.

The elaborate and excited flourishes of rich experience. The muted sargasso mottoes of the impatient mind.

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Never the wrong note, always the search for the right time to play it. The mysterious interface between private expression and public expression. And while Loren Kleinman might not turn her ass to her audience as Miles would, in Flamenco Sketches we can see a jazz poet turning over her shoulder and giving us a smartass grin. This is a truly remarkable collection that will reside on the eye-level shelf of my bookcase.

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