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Looking to Lisbon Ivo H. Daalder, U. NATO military chiefs meet in Slovakia. Imants Liegis. Die transatlantische Allianz auf der Suche nach einem neuen Rollenverstandnis. Supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, this initiative has been designed to promote active debate about, and involvement in, the development of a new Strategic Concept amongst specific key target groups from throughout Serbia. Many of the threats that NATO now faces have little or no respect for borders. Conclusions from Transatlantic Strategy Forum. Defence Minister Dr. NATO summit reality check: Brilliant policy vs.

NATO: trying to keep the Americans in. Russia-NATO summit: a new era or a false dawn? The missile shield: On the horns of a dilemma! NATO Responds to atlantic-community. Old Wine in a New Bottle? A consensus has begun to form around three key issues, which will be featured in the next Atlantic Memo. But there is more work to be done. Please contribute to the working draft! A multilateral policy approach and a revitalized public diplomacy campaign are required in order to overcome current obstacles to cooperation in this region.

Outside View: What's in a name? Out of Area. However, the technology is not ready, and Russia remains upset.

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Appeasing Reality? Stratcon A Military Route to Freedom? But this means more and smarter spending on defense and most certainly more casualties. Re-launching NATO or just re-branding it? NATO 3. The report, a study on NATO modernization for the Strategic Studies Group in Madrid, entitled addresses the formation of a new strategic vision for the alliance. It focuses on defining threats in a post-Cold War world that must terrorism, nuclear proliferation, rapidly shifting demographics, and economic instability.

The report also discusses the role of NATO in Afghanistan and the potential impact of France's reintegration into the alliance's command structure. This report, published by Bertelsmann Stiftung, refers to those discussions and seeks to define the substance and parameters of a new security partnership between the United States and Europe as well as to outline an agenda for action for the new partnership.

Britain and France sign landmark year defence deal By Patrick Wintour Treaty envisages joint use of aircraft carries, 10,strong joint expeditionary force and unprecedented new levels of co-operation over nuclear missiles The Guardian. Green, F. The 25 attendees explored NATO's role in operations beyond its borders, European capabilities for power projection, Western policy toward the Middle East and the Gulf, the Arab-Israel area and external power intervention, and external intervention and the Persian Gulf.

The gap between U. The disparity was particularly evident in the Kosovo conflict. Considerable attention was given to Turkey's role in Middle East affairs, particularly the danger that NATO might be dragged into a conflict in the Middle East as a result of a dispute between Turkey and a Middle Eastern neighbor. This factor might be complicated by Turkey's relations with Russia.

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Author: Barrass, Gordon S. Subject s : 1. Notes: Includes index.

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    To answer them, he traveled to Washington, Paris, Brussels, Berlin, Warsaw, and Moscow to interview nearly people, including top policy-makers, strategists, military commanders, and key figures in the world of intelligence. Their narratives reveal what was going on behind the scenes, providing valuable insights into the mixture of insecurity, ignorance, and ambition that drove the rivalry between the two sides.

    OTAN : vers un nouveau concept strategique?. By Stephanie C. L'OTAN devrait-elle elargir sa conception geographique et fonctionnnelle? Elle va devoir choisir entre trois strategies : celle, classique, de l'alliance defensive, celle de la prevention et de la gestion des conflits a l'echelle mondiale, ou celle de l'intervention dans les crises au cas par cas, en articulation avec d'autres institutions. Publications, in Greek. While NATO is generating new perspectives for its development, ever growing goals for the Alliance are proposed analytically, descriptively and canonically.

    Author: Deni, John R. NATO 2. Includes index. This book highlights how the alliance managed to maintain that balance in an area critical to its operations today around the world - changing its outmoded, Cold War-era doctrine and structures. Security threats are not the sole determinants - instead, electoral politics, economic pressures and other domestic factors decisively shape alliance bargaining.

    Based on these findings, this book argues that the NATO alliance ought to be considered by policymakers to be a political organization first and a military one second. It offers a unique perspective by examining changes to the doctrine and force structure of an international military organization as a means of studying alliance management and maintenance.

    The Conflict between Serbia and Kosovo - enspace

    It examines and sheds light on the continuing debate surrounding NATO's role in security, how the alliance will fight and whether NATO is properly structured to continue providing security for its member states. Les directives politiques globales et l'avenir de la transformation de l'OTAN : vers une vision commune? Securite et Strategie ; 91 Author s :Neve, Alain de 'La volonte actuelle de l'Alliance est de proceder a l'ecriture de directives politiques globales destinees a appuyer le Concept strategique de Ce processus implique pour les Etats de faire aboutir une reflexion sur l'environnement securitaire, les reponses qu'il s'agit de formuler aux crises et les moyens qu'il importe de preparer et d'engager.

    La presente etude entend realiser une analyse comparative des diverses postures strategiques americaine, europeenne et atlantique qui determineront l'orientation des travaux des delegations nationales au sein de l'Alliance. OTAN : pour un nouveau rapport Harmel.


    Il est temps qu'intervienne une reflexion de fond sur l'avenir de l'Alliance, son role, ses espaces d'intervention, ses relations avec l'Union europeenne. Une Commission de haut niveau pourrait etre chargee de rediger un rapport comparable au rapport Harmel de : au-dela du technique, la transformation de l'Alliance doit aussi etre politique. The Alliance is no longer held back by the 'out-of-area' debate. There is hardly a security challenge which falls outside the remit of NATO.

    Its new responsibilities reflect efforts to remain relevant to America's foreign policy priorities. Friend's name. Friend's email. First Name. Last Name. Phone number. Please provide more details about your request. Please log in or register to continue.

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    • Please enter your email address and click on the reset-password button. If your email exists in our system, we'll send you an email with a link to reset your password. Please note that the link will expire twenty-four hours after the email is sent. If you can't find this email, please check your spam folder. Therefore in order to prevent and combat all forms of threats towards the country, institutions should work closely, coordinate their strategies and cooperate between themselves on raising the level of national security.

      Security Council of Kosovo in particular, should work closely with Ministries, Agencies, Police, institutions and citizens who can as well contribute with their feedbacks on developing a security strategy that should serve to other relevant institutions as a reference of their strategies. The level of security in the country should be reviewed continuously from the Security Council of Kosovo and adjust to the current circumstances and situation, and should be compiled in coordination with all relevant public institutions and civil society.