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Historical Monographs Collection: Series 2 (1894 to 1923)

Inbunden Engelska, Spara som favorit. Skickas inom vardagar. Laddas ned direkt. Despite increasing tolerance, legal protections against homophobia, and anti-discrimination policies throughout much of the western world, suicide attempts by queer youth remain relatively high. For over twenty years, research into queer youth suicide has debated reasons and risks, although it has also often reiterated assumptions about sexual identity and youth vulnerability.

Understanding the cultural context in which suicide becomes a necessary escape from living an unliveable life is the key to queer youth suicide prevention. New articles related to this author's research. Email address for updates.


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Ancient Faith Radio - Music Ancient Faith Radio provides high quality 24 hour internet based Orthodox radio as well as podcasts, including music, teaching, interviews, features, convert testimonies, conference recordings, and much more. Zij heeft als doel christenen te bemoedigen door middel van muziek van christenartiesten, korte boodschappen en prikkelende devotions. Radio Logos Radio Logos ha come obiettivo primario l'informazione, soprattutto quella di tipo cristiano-evangelica.

Ma, con la diffusione del messaggio del Vangelo, come radio ci siamo proposti, anche nel rispetto della legge, di dare notizie attuali, che riguardano l'informazione locale, nazionale e internazionale. The principle ideologies of such a station is firstly to give the sick and the elderly an opportunity to listen to Gurbani 24 Hrs a day without hindrance in the comforts of their own homes, thereby achieving peace and comfort via Gurbani, and thus learning to cope with their disabilities, and secondly to organize fundraisers for charitable purposes in the aid of the poor and unprivileged in Punjab.

e-book Der Shabda-Code: Schlüssel zum ewigen Leben (German Edition)

Radio Vita Nuova Fede, speranza, amore, gioia, un senso per la vita. The Blast. This: there's Traditional Christian music. There's Contemporary Christian Music. And further down on that continuum, there's Progressive Christian music. That's what we Blast! Radio Showfar La torah pour tous. Radio Mevaser Tov Jerusalem, Israel. Radio 4 Living Radio4Living broadcasts 24 hours per day on the internet. We aim to offer the answer to life's questions. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about the content of our broadcasts.

We play music with a difference from today's best Christian artists. RO Radio 1 Een vertrouwd geluid! Bendiciones para nuestros compatriotas en diferentes partes del Mundo. Este Ministerio Radial es sostenido gracias a las ofrendas que usted aporta para continuar transmitiendo el Mensaje de Salvacion. Vida 24 horas tocando tu corazon. Jaagriti FM Radio Jaagriti Born out of the community Radio Jaagriti will broadcast religious and inspirational programming, catering for the needs of the Hindu youth and incorporating current affairs.

Radio Jaagriti will create a permanent space for the Hindu community in the national media landscape. Abiding Radio - Seasonal Abiding Radio airs classic hymns of the faith and the best of today's conservative, sacred, and traditional kids music. Joy FM To inspire, restore and uplift lives through the effective communication of the living word of God, the good news of Jesus Christ and the promotion of principles and ideas, that works for the overall enhancement of the quality of life for all persons, in preparation for the shared inheritance of the kingdom of God.

The Breeze Welcome to the new Each song we play is selected to help you build your faith and find peace on the journey. It will help to perpetuate a positive image of mental health, through education, training and support, through broadcasting this message on Panj Pani Radio. WSJL Gospel preaching, prophecy made plain, healthy living, children's stories, addiction recovery, deep Bible study, creation versus evolution, money management, testimonies of changed lives.

Christian Power Praise ChristianRock. It broadcasts to the Sydney community in general while incorporating elements that target the Islamic community of Sydney. Cambia de vida. It differentiates itself from other FM and internet radio stations by focusing exclusively on independent music from India. Radio Ancon Volcan, Panama. Currently we cover the whole globe, and our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Majesty Radio Chicago, IL. Online sermons, conferences, psaltic music. Live webcasting: divine services from the Holy Putna Monastery, Romania, conferences and events.

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  5. Sure to inspire and share the good news of Jesus Christ. We are committed to sharing the good news of Jesus Christ to the World. We know that God is love therefore we will show His love by: Playing a variety of music that promote love and relationships that lead to marriage Provide Teaching on air that is relevant and revealatory on a daily basis Promote World unity by doing programming from different cultures and countries The emphasis of our site is to Exalt the Lord, Evangelize the world, Educate the body,Equip the Saint, and Empower the community.

    Amistad Radio Radio Amistad has local broadcast programming 24 hrs a day days a year. We are known for our good quality programming and bringing the best in music and programs that will be of blessing to the Spanish Speaking Community in Waco. SuryoyoFM Suryoyo Style. Urban Praise We feature inspiring music that exalts Christ and encourages the Believer.

    Celebration, hope and worship are the irresistible ingredients of this soulful blend.

    L’Affaire Lemoine (French Edition)

    Radio Renasterea FM Un radio pentru sufletul tau. Seven FM iedere dag, de hele dag, de beste en nieuwste hits van christelijke artiesten. AUP Kirtana Radio welcome to our internet-radio station broadcasting around the clock! You will hear your favorite bhajans and kirtans performed by His Divine Grace A. Tele Restauracion Dallas, TX.

    Radio Islam Radio Islam is a humble effort to spread the true message of Islam by means of the latest possible ways.

    The channel which is now broadcasting from UK is unique of its kind and is the first Islamic internet radio from India and also the first in Malayalam. Rhema Wide Bay To reach the hearts and homes of the people of the Wide Bay and beyond with life-changing music and messages inspired by Jesus Christ. Sikhnet Radio - W. True Light FM Trust looks to the future, conscious that the Lord who called the work into being will direct and use it for His glory, and for the extension of His Kingdom. Inspire Digital Giving you the best available inspired Christian music and teaching to help you 'live the life'.

    Faithful Road Radio really love a road trip.

    You pack up the car, truck or RV with family, pets or just hit the road alone. Taking time to reflect on the road, the scenery, imagining the way it used to be long ago or the way you remembered it as a child. Comparing then to now, things and places that make you smile, or those special moments that bring a tear to your eye. The truck stops, gas stations, roadside cafes or those special attractions and scenery that God has blessed us with.

    Singing along with a song you hear on the radio, top of your lungs because you are the only audience…. Then along the trip there is the time to talk with God. These are the things that inspired us to create The Faithful Road. As you take the trip of life, we want to give you the best Christian music to listen to and inspire you wherever the journey takes you. Solace Radio Messianic Internet radio station teaching Torah, with programs on end-times last days Bible prophecy, news, biblical history, online audio and torah teacher links,and more.

    Onda Penes Gozon, Spain. Magnatune - New Age We are not evil.

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    We not only want to feature the best in Christian hard music but we want to deliver great music to the people so that they can support independent artists. Christian Life Radio plays the "music worth saving" under the non-for-profit unmbrella of Community Net Vision. Radio Priyawaanie Sansaar. For more information or to ask questions, you can visit Krishna. The chanter connects the mind to the source of all pleasure, Rama, and begins to experience peace, calm, and happiness even in the midst of the greatest difficulty. The sacred texts of India recommend that in this age of quarrel when people are short-lived and full of anxiety, the easiest and most sublime means to attain enlightenment and love of God is to chant His Holy Names.

    This chanting purifies our hearts, aligns our consciousness with the Divine, and uplifts us from the miseries associated with material existence. Chanters develop an increased awareness of the inter-connectedness of all living beings as children of the same divine Mother and Father, brothers and sisters in a global community, sharing responsibility for this planet. Peace, brotherhood, environmental responsibility and unity among people are possible when we connect with each other in this higher consciousness, Krishna consciousness.

    God is the Supreme Proprietor and Enjoyer of everything, and we are H. Every morning, devotees gather at the temple to read from Srimad-Bhagavatam and Bhagavad-gita, sacred texts from the Vedas of India describing the teachings and pastimes of Krishna God and His devotees.


    The format is that each day one text verse is read and discussed. At the end there's usually a question-and-answer session.

    The Srimad-Bhagavatam aka Bhagavata Purana is an ancient text from the Vedas of India describing the histories of God's incarnations, His pastimes, and the stories of His devotees.