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Did Saint Paul Hate Women?

Presented by the Museum in conjunction with Ball State University. Sponsors interdisciplinary conferences on the subjects of hatred and oppression as well as an annual essay contest for college and university students. Offers general information about the museum's exhibitions, educational programs, and remembrance services. Chronicles fifteen lesser-known camps located in the Emsland region that were designated by the Nazis as concentration camps, prison camps, military prisons, POW camps, and subcamps of Neuengamme. Features an online publication, a newsletter about developments in Roma rights worldwide, and lists of links to related online resources.

Relates the life stories of fifteen survivors originally from towns in Burgenland through brief texts, audio clips, and photographs. Includes current photographs of many Jewish historical sites in Burgenland and a collection of links to Austrian Holocaust-related organizations. Provides a title and author search engine, browsing capability, and brief publication histories for the newspapers.

Includes a gallery of photographs, an analysis of the conflict, and information on the international response to the situation. Discusses teacher and student workshops offered, classroom resources, including video and book lists, and research projects in which the organization is involved. Features an extensive list of searchable categories with links, such as family histories, cultural and religious groups, places, and more. Provides photographs, transcript excerpts, and a diagram of the courtroom.

Includes a virtual tour of the museum and exhibition space. Reproduces and describes nine of Nussbaum's paintings and provides a brief history of Nussbaum and his immediate family, all of whom perished in the concentration camps. Describes the museum's exhibitions, educational activities, membership programs, and community outreach activities. Allows online visitors to take a virtual tour of the museum's art and historical exhibitions. Details the history of the camp from its opening in May to the death march and liberation in April Provides information on the camp's victims and perpetrators, a listing of satellite camps, and information on the postwar history of the site.

Includes reproductions of historic documents and photographs, maps of the camp and its surrounding region, and links to related remembrance museums. Describes the foundation's educational activities, publications, and archival collections. Includes an online catalog of library holdings and a set of links to Holocaust research organizations. Includes detailed information on multiple grant and funding resources available for research in France.

Includes a list of firms that utilized forced labor, photographs, archival sources, and contact information. Summarizes the groups targeted and crimes committed by the Nazi government, the historical development of war crimes trials in Austria, and the research group's efforts to microfilm trial transcripts and documentary evidence in Austrian archives. Provides access to PDF files of Forschungsstelle publications, a bibliography of war crimes law literature, and a collection of links to related Austrian government and law resources.

Includes excerpts from testimonies and various educational resources.

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Also provides access to the archive's online catalog that includes records of the more than 4, videotaped interviews with witnesses and survivors of the Holocaust. Offers historical background on the city's Jewish community, a brief history of the ghetto established there by the Nazis, and information on the activities of the foundation. Includes a chronology, maps, photographs, documents, and a topical index.

Sponsored by the Frankfurt am Main city government. Includes finding aids with links to the digitized images of the original articles and documents, and provides a collection of images from World War II that can be browsed or searched via keyword. Provides transcripts of selected oral history interviews and audio and video clips of survivors and liberators. Created as part of a series of digital archival collections through the joint efforts of the libraries at Emory University and the Georgia Institute of Technology.

El cristianismo y la Torah - Armando Alducin

Describes the range of Institute activities, including research projects, educational pilot programs, Holocaust memorial events, exhibitions, conferences, lectures, film discussions, and the publication of Holocaust-related materials. Features a searchable database on the cinematography of the Holocaust that includes the general stock of films on the history of the extermination of European Jewry.


Compares the persecution of Jews and other minorities during the Third Reich with the racism and segregation prevalent in the United States at the time. Includes eyewitness interviews, photographs, timelines, an educational guide, a bibliography on Black-Jewish relations, and links to other online resources. Provides stories of twenty-four Holocaust survivors who settled in western North Carolina. Contains a transcript of the show, a timeline and article about Polish-Jewish relations, stories of Righteous Gentiles who save Jews from persecution, and information about the Treblinka extermination camp.

Provides information on museum exhibitions and facilities, a calendar of events, photographs, and links to other remembrance organizations. Provides a brief history of the euthanasia program and the Hadamar hospital, as well as a calendar of upcoming events at the memorial and links to other sites of interest. Features photographs, contact information, and a searchable bibliography. Includes photographs of recent events and conferences.

Provides an overview of the history of Center's building, information about exhibitions on site, educational programs, political studies, research projects, upcoming events, and institutional publications. Also offers a virtual tour of the Center's permanent exhibition, along with bibliographies and biographies that correspond to topics covered in the exhibition.


Contains a newsletter, lists of activities and events, and links to similar organizations. Provides access in PDF to the newsletter Compensation News and a collection of documents related to the creation of the compensation fund and the claims process. Includes a set of links to other Holocaust compensation organizations. Each section offers an in-depth introduction to the specific time period, primary source documents, photographs, and maps. English translations of source documents are frequently included.

Includes examples of antisemitic broadsides and cartoons, speeches by various Nazi leaders, and visual materials that promoted the National Socialist agenda. Germany — a Memorial — a Research Task to Also provides a series of maps that depict the development of the camp system throughout the war years and a bibliography of source material.

Includes information on the educational activities and outreach programs of the museum complex. Contains documents, photographs, a searchable database of Holocaust victims from the area, and links to other sites with information about the town. Includes information on the ongoing efforts of the Grafeneck Memorial Committee to document the names of the victims, photographs of the memorial site, and a collection of links to related remembrance organizations. Intended for children ages Also includes information on the communities of Lida, Olkieniki, and Vishay.

Features a history of the camp and its liberation, diagrams and photographs of the site, and a description of the visitors center and exhibition. Provides discussion logs, syllabi, book reviews, professional papers, and information about related discussion lists, such as H-Holocaust. Also provides additional resources, including discussion logs, syllabi, book reviews, professional papers, and information about related discussion lists, such as H-Holocaust. Provides additional resources on the Holocaust, including discussion logs, syllabi, book reviews, professional papers, and information about related discussion lists, such as H-German, H-Judaic, and H-Antisemitism.

Features general information about the center's educational and outreach programs, and descriptions of its holdings and exhibitions. Describes the group's activities and publications as well as the history of the Foundation and its precursor, the Helsinki Committee in Poland.

Features a searchable database with images, reproductions of reports published by the Committee, and descriptions of various collections among the state's holdings. Particularly emphasizes clergy members' resistance activities against the Nazis, and the persecution of the churches, clergy or members of religious orders during the Holocaust.

Includes the text of various speeches and essays, digitized images, an online catalog, and links to related sites. Includes a history of the building and its use during and after World War II.

A project of the Jewish Historical Museum. Explores the question of how much the United States knew about the Holocaust as it was occurring in Europe, and the reasons why the American press did not fully report on the persecution of Jews and other minorities in Nazi Germany and its occupied territories. Features a historical timeline with short articles and photographs. Includes subscription information and a searchable index to abstracted articles from past issues.

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Penguin Books and Deborah Lipstadt libel trial of January and the reports filed for the defense by many eminent Holocaust historians. Allows both simple and advanced keyword searching of the site, including all transcripts, reports, and witness statements. Supplements the trial documentation with timelines on Holocaust history and the history of the Holocaust denial phenomenon. Provides information on its academic programs institutes, conferences, study tours and financial assistance to scholars.

Includes a short list of Holocaust-related links. Includes a listing of upcoming events, a collection of Web links, and information about scholarships and awards given to Maine students K Provides a topical index to the memoirs, place-name search capability, and maps created by Martin Gilbert for each memoir.

Includes a study guide with thematic questions addressed by the memoirs, maps of the major concentration camps, and a brief bibliography. Presents information on the history of the Foundation and its plans to create a Holocaust memorial and museum. Features a calendar of events, description of exhibits, and listing of outreach activities. Includes information on exhibitions, public events and lectures, services, and department contacts. Lipstadt trial in Features a timeline on Holocaust denial and revisionism, and biographies of Holocaust deniers and revisionists. Lipstadt trial.