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In comparison to Shakespeare's version, which has Duncan murdered in his sleep, Duncan is slain in battle and his death is not highly detailed; '[Macbeth] slue the king at Enuerns In the Chronicles , Macbeth ruled Scotland not briefly, but for 17 years. He was apparently a capable and wise monarch who implemented commendable laws. Fearing that Banquo will seize the kingdom, Macbeth invites him to a supper where he intends to kill Banquo and his son. He succeeds in killing Banquo but his son, Macduffe , flees to Wales.

Macbeth, convinced by the witches of his invincibility, commits outrageous acts against his subjects becoming a cruel and paranoid ruler.

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The tale ends when Macbeth is slain by Macduff who then brings his head to the son of the original King, Duncan. It is believed that Shakespeare would have used the revised second edition of the Chronicles which was published in Shakespeare's King Lear loosely follows the story detailed in the Chronicles but it is unlikely that the Chronicles acted as a primary source.

After the love test Leir decrees only half of his kingdom is to be assigned to the Dukes immediately, the rest to be divided at his death. This leads to the Dukes seizing power and Leir being left with only a small retinue to maintain him. Leir then flees to Gallia where his youngest daughter, Cordelia, is living.

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Due to his youngest daughter's faithful support, Leir names Cordelia his sole heir and she and her husband Aganippus, the King of the Franks , raise an army and restore Leir to the throne, killing the Dukes. Leir then rules for two years before his death and is succeeded by Cordelia who rules for a subsequent five years. A primary difference in the Chronicles is the continuation of the feuding through the children of the sisters; the sons of Gonerilla and Regan rise up against and imprison Cordelia leading to a period of civil war, and Cordelia commits suicide.

The Chronicle features woodcuts of King Lear and Cordelia , depicted as the rightful rulers and highlighting their prevailing goodness within the story. As source material for Shakespeare's work, it is likely that the Chronicles story was used with great freedom as more relevant sources have been found. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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The British Library. Retrieved Accessed 1 June Notes and Queries. Shakespeare Quarterly. William Shakespeare's Cymbeline. Historia Regum Britanniae c. Cymbeline ; TV Cymbeline Shakespeare's late romances Philaster c.

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William Shakespeare 's King Lear. William Shakespeare 's Macbeth. Voodoo Macbeth MacBird! Macbeth , Verdi discography Macbeth , Bloch. William Shakespeare 's Henriad. The Merry Wives of Windsor c. William Shakespeare 's first historical tetralogy. Like Moses, David received the plans for the temple from God —19 ; Ex and called on the people to bring voluntary offerings for its construction —9 ; Ex —7. See note on 2Ch Analysis of genealogies, both inside and outside the Bible, has disclosed that they serve a variety of functions with different principles governing the lists , that they vary in form some being segmented, others linear and depth number of generations listed , and that they are often fluid subject to change.

There are three general areas in which genealogies function: the familial or domestic, the legal-political, and the religious. In the political sphere genealogies substantiate claims to hereditary office or settle competing claims when the office is contested. Land organization and territorial groupings of social units may also be determined by genealogical reckoning—e.

In Israel military levies also proceeded along genealogical lines; several of the genealogies in Chronicles reflect military conscription —26 ; —12 ,30—40 ; — Genealogies function in the religious sphere primarily by establishing membership among the priests and Levites —30 ; —34 ; Ne — As to form, some genealogical lists trace several lines of descent segmented genealogies while others are devoted to a single line linear genealogies. Comparison of genealogical lists of the same tribal or family line often brings to light surprising differences.

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This fluidity of the lists may reflect variation in function. But sometimes changes in the status or relations of social structures are reflected in genealogies by changes in the relationships of names in the genealogy see notes on —42 ; ,27 or by the addition of names or segments to a lineage see notes on —22 ; ; — The most common type of fluidity in Biblical materials is telescoping, the omission of names from the list. Unimportant names are left out in order to relate an individual to a prominent ancestor, or possibly to achieve the desired number of names in the genealogy.

Some Biblical genealogies, for example, omit names to achieve multiples of 7: For the period from David to the exile Matthew gives 14 generations 2 times 7 , while Luke gives 21 3 times 7 , and the same authors give similar multiples of 7 for the period from the exile to Jesus Mt —17 ; Lk — The genealogies of Chronicles show variation in all these properties; the arrangements often reflect the purpose for which the genealogies were composed prior to their being adopted by the Chronicler as part of his record.

For a generation that had no independent political status and no Davidic king the author takes great pains to show that the temple of the Lord and its service including its book of prayer and praise, an early edition of the Psalms are supreme gifts of God given to Israel through the Davidic dynasty.

The temple of the Lord in the ancient holy city and its service including the Psalms were the chief legacy left to the restored community by the house of David. In addition to the temple, Israel has the law and the prophets as a major focus of her covenant life under the leadership of the house of David. The faithful kings, such as David, Asa, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah and Josiah—and even Rehoboam 2Ch ; and Amaziah 2Ch —10 —honored it; the unfaithful kings disregarded it to their destruction Jehoram, 2Ch —19 ; Joash, 2Ch —25 ; Amaziah, 2Ch —16,20 ; Manasseh, 2Ch —11 ; see — Chronicles, in fact, notes the ministries of more prophets than do Samuel and Kings.

The Chronicler further underscores the importance of obedience to the law and the prophets by emphasizing the theme of immediate retribution. See the express statements of David , of the Lord 2Ch and of the prophets 2Ch ; ,7 ; ,9 ; —3 ; —15 ; ; —16 ; ; — In writing his accounts of individual reigns, he never tires of demonstrating how sin always brings judgment in the form of disaster usually either illness or defeat in war , whereas repentance, obedience and trust yield peace, victory and prosperity.

But perhaps even more indicative are his idealized depictions of David, Solomon, Asa, Jehoshaphat, Hezekiah and Josiah. While not portrayed as flawless, these Davidic kings are presented as prime examples of the Messianic ideal, i. As a matter of fact, he viewed the restored community as the remnant of all Israel, both north and south —3. This was more than a theological conceit. His narrative makes frequent note of movements of godly people from Israel to Judah for specifically religious reasons. The first were Levites in the time of Rehoboam 2Ch In the reign of Asa others followed from Ephraim and Manasseh 2Ch The genealogies also demonstrate continuity with the past.

For the genealogies see below.