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Family: Some discussion of mother; mostly just the activities of her husband and young sons. Childhood: Raising one young boy at time of diary. Birth of a second son: "Zachariah is here! Marriage: Married woman. Odd comment: "Think I am in for domestic troubles. Health: Careful documentation of household colds; son prone to poor health.

Labor: "Mollie Kennedy started working for us today as a cook.

Class relations: Wealthy, but apparently pinched by Depression: "Bill and I went through accounts tonight. Bad shape but will make out OK. Still able to afford a cook, club memberships, horses. Arts and culture: Classical music supporter. Spalding played. He is improving with age. Geographical and architectural: Moved into house at 12 Benevolent St. Most quaint.

Very active in many organizations, but all after the period of this diary. Collection title: Elizabeth G. Allen Papers. Location within the collection: In box 1. Size: 9" x 6". Condition: Good; not bound.

Bendroth, Cindy. Allen" Unpublished typescript, R. Notes on the Edith A. Armington Diary. Name at birth: Armington, Edith Amelia. Age range during diary: 40 - Residence during diary: East Providence, RI. Biographical note: Edith A. Armington was the youngest of three children born to Francis Armington and Caroline Medbery Armington. Edith suffered from health problems which limited her mobility, however, she and her sister Carrie led active lives in the church and community belonging to numerous religious, social and political organizations.

Religion of diarist: Baptist. Social class: Upper-middle. Number of pages: each. Exact dates: January 1, December 31, ; January 1, December 31, ; January 31, December 31, Armington H. Brief description: This is the diary of an upper middle-class woman written during her middle-aged years. The brief diary entries chronicle her daily activities at home, in the community and within the church. Writing quality: The writing is not very descriptive but is neat and clear to read.

Utility for research: This diary is not very useful for studying about Rhode Island in general, however it would be excellent for studying the above mentioned organizations and committees. It could also be used to learn about the religious lives of Baptists in Rhode Island, the controversy surrounding the resignation of Dr. Frost, Edith's friend and religious leader. Also, the later years might be useful for examining radio broadcasts of the 's.

Father's name: Armington, Francis. Mother's name: Caroline Medbery. Mother's dates: c. Brothers: Arthur Herbert Armington See The Armington Family in America for biographical information. Sisters: Caroline F. Events discussed: "Lucy took Mr. Usher to the train after which she was thrown from the wagon and injured her leg badly.

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Woodrow Wilson elected. Very high winds last night and this morning. Many telephone poles down. I saw them. No electric lights in house or street. Snowed and rained.

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Wires down. Also trees. No electric light in house or street. Telephone out of commission. Not quite total here but it was in Prov. Had a great reception in Washington. Radio broadcasting all afternoon from the celebration given in his honor. Immense crowd. A man killed several persons hurt, trees uprooted. Births, deaths, marriages mentioned: Frequent mentions of marriages and deaths. Arthur and Eva and Edith went over to call on him and his mother.

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Many beautiful presents and very pretty wedding. Funeral at Mrs. Richardson's 69 Waterman Ave. A large number there. More than get into the house. Jewell when I heard she had passed away at about PM.

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She fell down the stairs and fractured her skull. Lived about 2 hours. Maria Miller had a shock and was taken to the R. Maria Miller died. Religious content: Edith is a devout Baptist and attends church and prayer meetings regularly as well as belonging to many church related committees and other religious organizations.

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Frost read his resignation to take effect no later than July 1, Hall's in the evening. Has a good spiritual meeting of over an hour. My resignation was not accepted, or rather was laid over for action. Thirty baptized in the morning.

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About 14 or 15 infants dedicated to the Lord. Memorial window for Eva presented to the church. Social life: "Carrie and I spent the day at Nellie Turnney's and went to a lecture in the evening. Very fine. Very pretty ride. Phillips, Jessie Pearce, Mrs. Slayton called. We served 'Japanese tea', used the Japanese dishes.

Mac Duet's. Good supper and nice entertainment.

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Slack singer, Mrs. Pickett reader and Mrs. Butler and son players. Good dinner. Lauden carried me to the Associated Charities. The ladies gave me birthday cards and presents and Mrs.