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Lessons 1 to 4 explain all the opening bids with simple responses. After reading each lesson, use the quiz to test your knowledge. Answers are given with explanations. Notice that the quizzes and examples show the card hands as a player would actually see them in their hand. Not only is this more realistic, but this makes it easier for visual learners, especially beginners, to visualize their cards and assess them more easily and quickly.

Lesson 1 — Opening 1 Level in a Suit.

Quiz 1. Quiz 1 Answers. Lesson 2 — Opening 1NT. Learning when to open 1NT is relatively easy. Responding to a 1NT opening bid is not quite so easy. Recently, the lesson for responding to a 1NT opening bid has been simplified even more, to make it easier for beginners to find their contract.

Polling You #70, Opening Leads - BridgeHands Duplicate & Contract Bridge Training Lesson

Quiz 2 — Opening 1NT and Responding. Quiz 2 Answers — Easy Way. Often, you will end up at the same contract, but not always. Besides being more accurate, the most important difference is that the Declarer will usually be the same player who opened 1NT, which may give your side an advantage by keeping the stronger 1NT hand hidden. My students liked it! Lesson 3 — Very Strong Hands. Quiz 3 — Very Strong Hands. Quiz 3 — Answers. Lesson 4 covers opening with a weak hand.

Lesson 4 — Opening at 2, 3, 4 Level. Quiz 4.

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Quiz 4 — Answers. Lessons covered all the opening bids. It will take you a bit longer to figure out what to bid next. Finally, here is a summary of the 20 opening bids on one sheet that serves as a handy reference sheet. Summary of Opening Bids. Lesson 5 is in two parts. Part 1 gives recommendations for opening leads and some suggestions on what to lead later, once the dummy hand is on the table.

If you have been playing, you will have made decisions on the opening lead, with or without any help. Once the contract has been established, the player seated on the left-hand side of the Declarer must lead the first card. Often the lead can make a difference in the final outcome of the game; therefore, it requires some thought and strategy. Lesson 5 — Opening Leads. Opening Leads — Practice Exercise. I recommend that you refer back to it later and often, as you progress in your knowledge and ability. I would never expect a beginner to understand it all at this stage.

Improve Your Opening Leads by Karen Walker (Part 2)

As you play more, it will make more sense. These strategies are also incorporated into the Practice Games which give an analysis for the on-going bidding sequences to ensure reaching game level when you have the cards and the strength to do so.

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It cannot be emphasized enough: Bridge is a partnership game. Together, you and your partner are trying to determine if you have a fit in a suit or whether you should be in a NT contract. You are also trying to calculate how many points your partnership has based on HCP and distribution , so you can gauge how high to bid and when to stop bidding.

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In order to do that, you and your partner need to know which bids are forcing and which are not. Good communication between partners is a key element in the ability to reach the best contract and play a competitive bridge game.

LESSON 21 - Play by the Defence

These 5 lessons should give you enough bidding information so you can open the bidding and start playing the game. Good luck! Do you have a bridge group to play with? If not, here are some suggestions on how to start a group:. Starting Your Own Bridge Group. Many of my readers have ordered this and benefited from it. My beginner groups also found the bridge placemats to be helpful. It is my opinion that it is easier for beginners to learn the Standard American Bridge rules to start as there are not quite so many things to remember all at once, and then add the 2 Over 1 system afterwards, if you wish.

I play both systems and find they each have advantages and disadvantages. I have added three introductory beginner lessons on 2 Over 1 on my website see links on the right-hand side so you can get a sense of how it differs from Standard American Bridge!


Andrew guides the player through a variety of uses of the double. From simply raising the stakes, to bringing partner into the auction, to describing specific features of one's hand, this booklet shows how the double can be a great aid to partnership bidding. Here Andrew enunciates sound principles for getting into the auction when the opponents have opened. He outlines winning strategies - disrupting the opponents' auction without risking too much.

Featuring the "Unassuming Cue Bid" and raising to the "level of the fit". Successful slamming is one of the most exciting aspects of the game. Through a series of 50 hands, Andrew introduces techniques and principles to help the reader bid and make slams with confidence. Defence is the most important part of the game.

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In his latest booklet Andrew, gives you the tips and technique you need to become a top defender. This book will boost the effectiveness of your memory. A fun look at some Bridge aide memories. Andrew describes Responder's role and choices in an Auction. With emphasis on Fourth Suit Forcing.

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Starting with the definition of a Signal and Discard, and progressing from the most basic position to the more advanced, this book is a must for any student of the game. Andrew explains Opener's choices as the Auction progresses. Andrew Robson reveals the methods used by top partnerships in bidding big hands. All Rights Reserved. All 20 Bridge Lessons by Andrew Robson 20 books The complete highly recommended series Paperbacks Includes the following books: Bridge Lessons: Opening Lead One of the most anxious moments for any player, Andrew guides the reader to the best options for getting the defence off on the right footing.

Given that half of all contracts that start life in the balance are decided one way or the other by the opening lead, this is somewhat vital. Join Our Mailing List. Built with Volusion.