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I invaded their lands to secure my dominance, building a robot empire on the bones of their fallen civilizations. One specific portion of the road to the Contact victory, for example, called for sending a military unit to a recently discovered alien ruin. I located the ruin and dispatched a rover… and waited.

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And waited. The instruction dialogue said the ruin itself had summoned a civilian from one of my cities, then asked me to send a military unit, presumably to escort that civilian. I pressed the button and the quest concluded anti-climactically, with a text box and a ding. Emancipation and Promised Land are two sides of the same coin.

You must research the technology to eventually open either an Emancipation or Exodus gate back to Earth, bringing those left behind either salvation or dominance.

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If you are Purity or Supremacy, this is your Affinity-scientific end game. Transcendence is the Harmony victory. City buildings can aid in this victory, shortening the amount of time it takes for the mind flower to bloom. In addition to the end game victory, Beyond Earth also brings along smaller quests.

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Occasionally new technologies or improvements will offer a choice for how they are used, adding additional money or food, for example, or presenting a moral or philosophical choice. Eradicate aliens or domesticate them, for example. Quests will occasionally also be simply fun things to experience. There is a massive 'siege worm' in Beyond Earth, for example.

A late-game Harmony technology will eventually allow you to control these worms, like Paul Atreides in Dune, but an early-game quest with no affinity restriction tasks you with killing one. Playing as the Purity Brazilians, I eventually corralled a siege worm and with the help of one air unit, three ranged units, a melee soldier and a satellite buff, I took it. It had already destroyed two settlers, half a dozen military units, countless trade convoys and an entire outpost. Reviewed on: Core ik 3. There's a noticeable improvement from 2X-8X AA and shadow and texture settings from medium to high.

Animations and particle effects need the high-end to shine. As the Supremacy Slavs, I slaughtered alien lifeforms with abandon, reaping monetary and technological rewards and tried to focus my research on Supremacy techs to grow my military force. When the ARC civilization landed on a plain I had planned to colonize myself, I decided to go full tactical and take them out. What followed was an, at times, tedious, but overall successful campaign to take over the ARC land and, in the process, clear an alien infestation from a mountainous jungle that would eventually form the production center of my empire.

Dozens of turns later, I emerged from the jungle with a seasoned army and conquered the ARC one city at a time. They were but the first.

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As my neighbors inched toward various victories, I invaded their lands to secure my dominance, building a robot empire on the bones of their fallen civilizations. I picked the Franco-Iberian civ and focused on the Harmony affinity. Instead of clearing the alien miasma, I left it alone and eventually developed immunity to its effects through technology. Focusing on trade and science, I built a civ on an archipelago-like planet that spanned two large islands. I traded with every other civ, giving both them and me a boost to income and science.

I made deals for resources I had in abundance. I made friends.

Meanwhile I used my trade vessels to boost my own productivity and growth, and built city and tile improvements that gave me a scientific edge. Purity players strive to maintain human ways, and embrace the Earth tech of the past, while enhancing it. They end up with tremendous firepower, and good defense. Supremacy embraces evolution through tech, including cybernetics and AI. Players in this Affinity will have units that gain additional attack bonuses, and robots that are especially strong at range. Playing through these found my natural inclination to tend towards the Harmony Affinity, but each player will have a particular style of gameplay and Affinities can complement those in different ways.

Experiencing all and various combinations of the above also offers a lot of replay value to the game overall.

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Techs also are now nested, so that there are so-called stem technologies which have two leaf techs underneath. Researching the desired leaf tech requires learning the stem tech first, but you can click on your ultimate desired tech to research all the prerequisites first, too. Tech in the game feels less like a storied march through history, and more like a set of choices about how best to respond to the unique demands of a specific situation, in this case interstellar exploration. I'm remembering an old version of Civ that has a Sci Fi and a Fantasy scenario.

Each scenario had multiple parallel levels. Different races started of Are resources for a wonder recovered if another player or AI beats you to completion?

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