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Tribune, Jan. Kaiserl, Konigl, apostolischen Majestat Rittmeister Germans in Texas 25 The reports of the prince to the colonial directory in Ger- many show, however, that he understood the conditions of affairs in Texas; that he was active in the interests of the Verein and that he read correctly the motives of such men as Bourgeois d'Orvanne and Fischer. He was evidently a dreamer and thought of establishing in Texas a German State that would gain for the Fatherland all of the commercial advantages which had accrued to England through the East India Company.

He under- stood thoroughly what sort of land was needed to carry out the aims of the Verein and might have obtained it at much more favorable terms, had the German noblemen listened to his re- quests. Fischer had caused the Verein to think that they had enough money to carry out the undertaking. They had not reckoned on prices in Texas. Prince Solms resigned his position and on February 24, , Baron von Meusebach was appointed his suc- cessor. On his way, he was met by Germans who presented complaints against the society.

Roemer met him while in Texas and accompanied him on his expedition into the Indian country. Roemer says that the new commissary-general began his activ- ity with the carrying-out of a more regular business policy and a more carefully systematized method of keeping the accounts. He im Konig Friedrich August von Sachsen 3. Cuirassier-Regiment, Gross- kreuz des konigl.

Hannoverischen Guelphcn-, dcs Herzogel. Georg von Lucca. He studied jurisprudence and political science and finance in Bonn and Halle. He had held many offices in Germany before leaving for Texas. He was a diplomatist of great skill. This is shown by his treaty with the Indians and his relations with the Anglo-Americans.

He knew how to create respect and obedience.

geschichte des dreiigjhrigen kriegs german edition Manual

He was looked up to by the Indians. He was unpopular at first with the Germans, but later they came to know his real worth, and in they chose him as State Senator. He became a naturalized American citi- zen under the name of John O. He bore himself well under the heaviest stress of circumstances. Kapp says, had he remained in Germany, he would have risen to the highest position. On May 15, , Solms-Braunfels left, and when von Meusebach entered upon his work, he found affairs at a crisis. A number of colonists were on their way to Texas. The money had been spent. As soon as he arrived, he demanded an ac- counting from the treasurer of the Verein, which that official was unable to give.

Prince Solms had left for Galveston shortly before the new director's arrival. Fest-Ausgabe, p. Fest-Ausgahe, hereafter, will be used in place of Entzuickelungs-Geschichte. McCulloch County, Austin, ; also cf. Fest- Ausgabe, p. Germans in Texas 27 lot of immigrants arrived. In a letter dated November 30, Soergel states that the Verein secretary, Dr. Hill, told him that persons, in seventeen ships were leaving for Texas.

He was in new straits. The treasury was empty, and this large mass of emi- grants was about to be thrust upon him. Some 5, immigrants were to be landed on the coast and there was only a mere pittance with which to care for them. Twelve were from Antwerp, and twenty-four from Bremen. These ships landed 5, persons. Some 2, reached New Braunfels and Friedrichsburg. A thousand were left at Indian Point, and on the road towards New Braunfels. Five hundred returned to Germany.

Baron Samstag oder das Leben nach dem Tod (German Edition)

Fiir Auswanderungslustige! Leipzig, , p. S, Ansivers to Interrogatories. Roemer says the number was Roemer, p. Kapp states the number who died in the summer of , on the way, at New Braunfels and at Friedrichsburg, as They were huddled together in the holds, steerage, and on the decks of the ships like sheep, and when they reached shore, they were in a very weak condition. They were covered with vermin. Hundreds died soon after they landed.

Some 3, were left at Indianola. The shore was covered with improvised tents and huts, chests and cofifers, clothing, etc.

Am Tag, als Frank Z. in den Grünen Baum kam

Roemer says it would remind one of an Oriental caravan. After a journey of two months, only 2, out of 2, passengers in all the vessels, entered Galveston. They were then transported to Indian Point. It consisted of a few houses.

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Barracks of boards were built which afforded refuge for only a few. The rest dwelt in tents. They had to wait more than six months along the low, un- healthy shore. The war with Mexico had taken all means of transportation. The price for transportation rose to enormous sums. There was not enough money among the poor immi- "' Letter quoted, Bracht,- p. This has reference to immigrants of Soergel, Alwin H. Leipzig, , pp. Soergel was an eye-witness of accounts he narrates ; also of. Kapp, Aus und uber Amerika, p. Based mainly on Soergel; also, article by H.

All are sub- stantially the same. Kapp says this condition was no exaggeration. He was in the colony in Germans in Texas 29 grants to purchase teams. Rain and north wind poured through the dwelHngs. Wood and water were lacking. They were sur- rounded by swamps in which mosquitoes swarmed, and fevers arose. Rum holes increased their misery and changed men into beasts. Many fell a prey to epidemics. Whole families betook themselves on the road to New Braunfels. The whole road was lined with corpses of dead or with dying men.

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In many instances the set- tlers along the way were forced to buiy the bodies of immi- grants who had been left by their companions to die by the way- side unpitied and alone. In the day was heard the cry of beasts of prey; in the night, the howl of wolves and the shrill cry of the Comanches. One man left his wife to perish and later was left by his companions. Arrived in New Braunfels, conditions be- came worse. The place was without means of sustenance. The poor peasants tried to forget their misery by dancing and drink- ing.

Jammerschoner: Sieben Nacherzählungen

It is even stated that men were torn from their wives and buried before they were dead. This was the condition of affairs that von Meusebach had to face. In the summer of '46, there were still several hundred persons camping on the coast. Things changed. The last immi- grant was brought to New Braunfels. Camps were pitched on both sides of the Comal and Guadaloupe rivers.

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Horses, oxen and cattle grazed beside hut or tent. In March, , Meusebach raised money on credit, and arranged for the transportation of the immigrants. In the mid- dle of December, '45, he sent thirty-six men to break a way north of the Pedernales.

In the beginning of , block-houses were built. This became the later settlement of Friedrichsburg. On April 23, , the first settlers were sent thither. They consisted of about twelve persons. As soon as possible the com- "' Kapp says two-thirds died of epidemic.