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What studies show about pet attachment theory

People insecurely attached to other people also are insecurely attached to the furry creatures in their lives. Pet attachment seems to play an important role in overall mental health. To help you find out how you rate on your own pet attachment, I've chosen 10 questions from the Pet Attachment Questionnaire, 5 from each scale.

1. Introduction

The stronger your endorsement of each item, the more likely it is that you are either avoidant or anxious in your pet attachment:. How did you rate? Remember, this is only a sampling of the full test items, but your responses can give you an indication of whether you need to develop a more favorable orientation to your pet. We need our pets but it's also important to remember that they deserve proper care. Zilcha-Mano, S.

Attachment to Pets

An attachment perspective on human-pet relationships: Conceptualization and assessment of pet attachment orientations. Pet in the therapy room: An attachment perspective on Animal-Assisted Therapy. I wonder how emotionally attached dog owners would be if they knew their dog love wasn't reciprocated I'm sure the same can be said, or even more so, for other pet.

Tiny little cat brains I'd bet dogs have more potential for love than cats and I'm glad.

Not a big cat fan I must say! I am very attached to my dog jasper. I have always like animals dogs and cats. My dog was ill recently with a virus he's on the mend now. But was so concerned I couldn't sleep worrying about him. I have a rapport with my dog which I must admit I don't have with some people. I have zero attachment to my 9 month old puppy. More often than not, I find it extremely irritating and fantasize about giving him away.

The worst part is, it was my idea to get him. I think I'm stuck with him for the long haul as my kids love him. For the record, I have healthy bonding and attachment to my children, so I'm not sure how my lack of feelings for this dog fit within the context of the study.

I hate the internet sometimes because of articles like this. You have too many people writing about some bogus research and giving out inaccurate information, and they all seem to word them the same Too much info we see in posts like this is totally false because they can be written by just about anybody. What I've learned from reading this particular article is that every person in the world that has a deep emotional bond with their pet It's not that they might just enjoy animal companionship, or just have an emotional connection to an animal that was present during a rough time, or even just like their company The only explanation, is simply that there's a good chance you are mentally unstable in some way I guess we should get rid of our pets and book an appointment for a psychologist.

This author clearly has an issue with owning a pet. I hope by some freak chance you get mauled by a dog or even a cat Total bs.

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I don't think that was the objective of the article. The article is just saying that having pets is helpful when you have a mental illness, nevertheless people with mental illness sometimes also have an unhealthy relationship with their pet which in turn could hurt the pets' mental health as they are also living beings.

And about the articles, you can cross-reference the articles, just go to google scholar and type for example Zylcha-Mano , and it would appear sometimes the original study or other studies which had also reference the study you are reading about, in the link given by google, you can check the year, the authors, the name of the journal.

And in that way you can verify if the article is bogus or not, another way to verify it, it's by searching similar themes is google scholar, and see what other studies have to say about the topic you want to know, you can even have complete access to the original study for free, and sometimes you can only have access to the abstract. I have a two year miniature poodle I have been with since about a month old , I love him with all my heart , I am insanely in love with him and won't give him up for nothing!!!! Susan Krauss Whitbourne, Ph. Her latest book is The Search for Fulfillment.

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Back Today. Please log in from an authenticated institution or log into your member profile to access the email feature. Developmental differences in the relationship between children's attachment to companion animals and their self-esteem were investigated. Participation in the study was open to any child returning a completed permission form, regardless of current pet ownership. Global self-esteem was measured using CQ Press Your definitive resource for politics, policy and people.

Cats more attached to their owners than dogs? | George Herald

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10 ways to measure the role of pets in your life

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