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Visit Mylola. August, year-old Cynthia Jane Miller of Beckley West Virginia is shot to death in her home just hours before her wedding. Who murdered her? Why has the case gone unsolved for so long? The unresolved murder of Barbara Barnes from Steubenville Ohio in Memorial Day weekend, At the time of the accident, it was the second deadliest crash in US aviation history. In this episode we discuss the disappearance and murder of 15 year old Becky Stowe of Niles, Michigan in On the morning of December 26, Bernice Gray dropped her toddler daughter off at day care and headed for work.

Days later her bloodstained car was found abandoned in Detroit. Already Gone will return on Monday October 22, with an all new episode.

Florida Deathpenalty exonerated murder Nina — Th She would never be seen alive again. Troy Michigan, September, — Estranged from his wife and desperate to avoid a divorce, a mentally unstable man does the unthinkable. This episode starts in my hometown of Berkley Michigan, with a look at the many crimes of murderer and Berkley High graduate Byron Hoffmeister.

A crime so brutal, so vicious, that lawmakers lobbied to bring the death penalty back to Michigan. They embarked on a 55 hour crime spree that involved kidnapping, robbery and murder. Possibly the most disturbing episode of the show to date. When he left, all five members of the family, Bob, Mary Jane and their three children,. Despite video and images of the killer, he remains at large. He set out on a cross country journey in an unsuccessful bid to become the 38th president of the United States.

On June 8, Lisa Marie Knight met up with her former husband, Lloyd Frey, they had plans to visit their youngest child. The visit never happened. Lisa made a p phone call to a friend, and then she vanished. The life and crimes of convicted murderer Arthur Ream, touch on the Oakland County Child Killer and review the cases of missing women The store was robbed, leaving three dead and a mystery that lasted more than a decade before former employee, Charles Allen, was put on trial.

Around 9 p. Chris walked away from the bonfire, never to be seen again. Content warning — murder, sexual assault, harm to animals. In Barbara Blackstone was 30 years old, happily married and enjoying a successful career as a high school teacher. Someone snatched her from her home,.

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Leaving her husband, family and two young sons behind. When her body was discovered the next morning,. Between September of and December of ten women have vanished from Flint and the surrounding area. Between and three young women, aged 20, 16 and 19 were murdered.

The first victim was left in a ditch in western Oakland County, the final two bodies concealed in wooded areas of Livingston County. In Michigan became the first English speaking territory in the world to abolish the death penalty. When they return, Gina discovers the body of her son on the floor in the bas Donnie Martin III, a hard-working young man from a good family. Donnie Martin was last seen midday on Thursday August 3, October , bow hunters in a remote area of Alcona County Michigan discover human remains. In the last 23 years her remains have been tested against the DNA of dozens of missing persons, including Laura Lee Alber who was last seen in Lansing, Michiga We also talk history, landmarks and Detroi January , Sudbury, Ontario.

Around a. He flees the store and is never seen The night of December 21 two men attacked and robbed the family, leaving five dead and a community in terror. Within days the killer Her remains would be discovered July 9 in a remote wooded area south of town. January 8, Thomas Randolph and his wife Sharron enjoy a meal at their favorite Chinese restaurant in Southfield. The couple is assaulted after leaving the restaurant, leaving Thomas injured and his wife dead. It's an 18 year journey to solving Could her case be related to the Oakland County Child Killer?

Please visit our sponsors: Meundies. In Carson McDowell was a 43 year old married father of two. An executive at General Motors. A family man, friend and neighbor. So why did he end up tortured and murdered by the side of the railroad tracks in Ferndale? Why was his case so hard to When the boys don't return home, their parents raise the alarm and searchers scour the woods for hours trying In and a small community in the upper peninsula of northern Michigan was rocked by the brutal murders of two women. It would take a break in at the home of a third woman to bring this unlikely murderer to justice.

Michigan, Yooper, Ser Hillary Norskog was only 13 years old when she became the first victim of a serial murderer near Chicago Illinois. While his parents attempted to shield Steven Pfiel from his responsibility in her death, they could not stop him from killing again.

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Alana "Laney" Gwinner. Tuesday December 9, Despite comprehensive searches of the area, no trace of Kyron was ever discovered. In , 23 year old Julia Niswender was chasing her dreams. A student at Eastern Michigan University, her goal was to work as a broadcast journalist. One December evening, someone entered her off campus apartment and murdered her. Her death devastate In September , just days before her wedding, graduate student Annie Le vanished from the Yale Campus. Her brutalized body would be found days later, stuffed inside a mechanical panel near the lab where she worked.

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School violence is an ongoing issue of concern to students, parents and staff. In October Danvers High School was the scene of a violent and brutal murder, when a 14 year old freshman raped and murdered his 24 year old math teacher at school and d At the trial, he was found guilty When his rampage was over, four people were dead and eight others wounded. In the battered body of Erik Cross was found in a ditch in front of his house.

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He'd been beaten, dragged behind a car and finally run over, his body left on the edge of the road. In the 34 years since his death, the Cross family has waited for a The thirty fifth anniversary of his attack was on June I thought I would take another look, a deeper dive if you will, into this case.

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The brutal baseball bat attack on Chin in Detroit on a hot summer night in led to the Asian American Civi In 19 year old Jillian Robbins opened fire on the Penn State University Campus, killing one and injuring herself and another. This is her story. Visit our sponsor: Casper.

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During a 12 day period in January of suburban Denver was rocked by a series of attacks by a hammer wielding home intruder. When his work was done, four were dead, Four more grievously injured and the community was shaken to its core. Aurora Pol In May of 53 year old Al Kite had a good life. He was in good health, had a nice home and a good job.

His relationship with his girlfriend, Linda, was in a good place. He seemed like the last person who would die a violent, gruesome death at the h October 25, Dressed as Poison Ivy in a long plum colored wig, and leaf trimmed green leotard the tall blonde spends the evening On a bitterly cold January afternoon, 13 year old Rachel vanished from the family home in Bolingbrook, Illinois.

No trace of her has ever been found. Discussing the annual missing in Michigan event, the December disappearance of 28 year old Danielle Stislicki and revisiting old cases. Listener discretion is advised. While out at a bar, Luc became separated from his friends and disappeared forever. Quebec Ontario Canada missing. We wrap up Serial Killer Month with this creepy little man from the Lansing area.

Miller is up for parole again soon! Spartans, Michigan, In Jeanne Gilbert and Mary Gill were murdered the same night, while working the same job at a Days Inn in two different cities. Investigating these brutal killings revealed the work of a serial killer attacking women along the I corridor. Please listen to episode 48, part one first. In a serial killer attacked the first of six victims near the University of Michigan Campus in Ann Arbor.

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Before Bundy, before Gacy and before the Manson murders, the state and the nation was rocked by this brutal killer. Michigan, SerialKille In Kathy Radtke and Jack Keyes were young and in love.

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They crossed paths with a violent, impulsive predator. Contact: Host Alreadygonepodcast. It's the first broad cast of ! We sit down with Amber Hunt of the Cincinnati Enquirer, she's the voice behind Accused, one of the best podcasts of We laugh, reminisce, get serious about creativity, answer listener questions and talk about On a warm September night in the brutal murder of nurse Pauline Campbell stunned the community. The attack was one in an escalating series of assaults on nurses in Ann Arbor, Michigan.