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Too much rain. Almost as if Mother Nature tried to make up for the weeks we were left with none.

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Corn leaves unrolled and turned green again. I recall a week or so after the rains started, noticing that all the soy fields had turned a lush, deep green in celebration of the rain. And the rain continued. Lawns, resurrected from the dead, turned green again and demanded cutting in between the showers. Hay and forage fields started growing but were still far behind where they should have been. Farmers started calculating how many frost-free days the soy and corn crops needed to mature — too many.

Silent prayers were said. The weather helped a bit. The soy fields eventually matured and died down, late but at least it was before the snow. Corn dried even slower, being too wet for silage one day then too dry a day or so later.

More dryer bills. So, here we sit: heading into the end of November with many fields of corn as well as some of soy, still to be harvested.


Make a Year to Remember

I can only speak for me and my family but, yup, we did it again. There are lots of fun, memorable times to come in the next week or two, but the holiday season has again gotten the best of us. Almost all of us have a desire for transformation of some variety or another. The longing for change burns bright every December, fueled by exhaustion brought on by busyness.

Indeed, there are two lives inside all of us: the person we are and the person we hope to become. With the end of the hectic holiday season in sight, many of us are more committed than ever to manifest our true selves.


Lack of discipline. Call it whatever you want.

Can we make her birthday a national holiday now?

You let your guard down and slip up once, then again. Pretty soon you fall back into old patterns of behavior and bad habits that you swore you left behind.

2016: The Golden Monkey 金猴, a Year to Remember

I believe the problem fundamentally boils down to one of mindset. There are limiting beliefs that hold us back from the change we so desperately seek. If we can transcend them, we can transform. If not, we stay stuck.

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These limiting beliefs include:. Transformation requires discipline. Discipline, however, is a word that conjures up negative feelings for many of us. The Golden Monkey wrathfully swung his massive cudgel And the jade-like firmament was cleared of dust.

Kingston musician having a year to remember

Today, a miasmal mist once more rising, We hail Sun Wukong, the wonder-worker. In late May , these students gathered at one of the Western Follies in the Garden of Perfect Brightness near their school.

The first section of their declaration of war on the established order ended with a strident call to arms:. We smash it to pieces, pulverise it. We create chaos and wreak extreme havoc, the worse the mess the better! Mao approved of these sentiments and the Red Guard Movement was born.

Thereafter, the Monkey Kings rampaged.